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Cracking the Code on Intimacy: The real 7 (unknown) levels of intimacy

Cracking the Code on Intimacy 

Current and Layered Approach to Intimacy-

The real seven (unknown) levels of intimacy Approach.


*Win Free Iris Analysis, Wellness Analysis and Helpful Suggestions”

*First 10 to arrive will receive a free copy of Esther Lamnyam’s Book,  Love Under the Kola Nut Tree, What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships *

Food and Refreshments

(International Cuisine (for local workshops – MD)

 What they are and what happens at each stage.  Like the TCPIP stack the physical ‘layer’ is just the initial spark on the path to the Seventh Plane.  So you stop at the Passion level and wonder why you cannot enjoy, transform, and hold on to relationships? Here is your chance to finally Crack the Code on Intimacy!

Food and Intimacy;

– Stress and  Intimacy;

– Correspondence of intimacy Organs and how to use to heal illnesses;

– The need for Intimacy

Re-member the feminine force, mystic and power that has fueled growth and development all over the world.

Discover the healing power of intimacy with self, others and nature.

Discover how to activate your ‘latent’ self so you can give and also receiveintimacy graciously from others, nature, pets, plants.

The power of touch, sound, voice, silence in communication with self, your loved ones and nature. Is your voice and body language scaring people and pets away? Could be affecting your career also!

Are you an individual that has a series of failed relationships either with your parents, children, spouse, and boyfriend or even with yourself!  Come find out what you are bringing to the table… the subtle threads and energies that create BIG havoc despite your best intentions.

The egg does not go the sperm; the sperm swims/runs to the egg. The flower does not go to the bee, the bee flies to the flower anxiously; but, do you believe the egg and the flower are so innocent and powerless? Come re-discover your power and learn how to use it for the good of all.

Blocks to Intimacy.

The tools needed to activate your genuine self and help you develop intimacy with self and be creative without headaches.

Intimacy is not about sex.  You can have sex without intimacy. Here we discuss the energy that is activated by actions like physical intimacy – the most common way for many. This energy clears your mind and enables you be your own Michael Angelo of your talents be it singing, dancing, teaching, writing, painting, sculpting, teaching, acting, leading, preaching, etc.  It stops you from issues like, getting writer’s block, not being able to write computer code, coughing and yawing instead of singing like a bird, etc. etc.

“Ah ha,” you say”!

But I am not having any physical intimacy aka sex. How can I provoke this energy by myself so I stop making love/intimacy to food, drinks, TV, day dreaming etc. etc.?

Absolutely great question! As a healer, iridologist, Stephen Ministry, personal growth coach, here are some of the reasons I found why people are not having sex:

–          Health related, such as side effects from prostate cancer surgery, diabetes, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, menopause, frigidity, etc.

–          Death of a spouse

–          Religious reasons

–          Celibacy decisions

–          Spiritual reasons

–          Tired of being played

–          Leader, Preacher, Elders, Divorced, Separated etc.

–          Youth; a seeker of truth; Scared; Abused; sex is dirty to you

–          Will not have sex until they get married

–          Fear of sexually transmitted dis-eases

–          Fear of pregnancy or getting someone pregnant

–          Do not want to support another child

–          Men who are tired of “crazy, high maintenance” women; women who are tired of “crazy controlling” men.

–           Divorced:  been there done that. Just want activity partner now

–          Men and women who spend most for their time fasting, meditating, or growing spiritually,

Just to name a few of the reasons and you may add more to the list.  So you see, there are very legitimate and holistic reasons for people not wanting or not being able to have sex.

Clients have come to me with this issue and hence lack of “Vital Force,” to be ‘alive’; not being able to live life and want to know how to resolve this thing as when you look into their eyes, you see no life at all!

So I researched, checked online and found all sorts of information on sex for those HAVING sex!! There was however, very little information for those NOT HAVING sex.   Don’t worry, I have information for you on how to activate that vital force which is more easily activated by physical intimacy. Someone had to do it …so I gathered the courage. Thank you, thank you! Now you can self-activate without physical intimacy!

Come find out about this vital force and how to engineer it in your life so you can create at your highest potentials, travel, have fun etc……alone if you choose to and yet have the time of your life!

Come learn the spirituality of intimacy; why career diplomats cannot move a step ahead without woman (wife); why woman is the womb of all creation (like her sister ‘mother earth’), (seen any great man/leader without a woman? Hidden in plain sight secrets!) Even some ancient masters were suggested that force to live longer!

“God gives very clear and detailed instructions always, but when He came around with Eve to Adam, He did not say a word! A very important step in His master plan…hmmmm!”  Quote from “Strive To Be Happy. Powerful Secrets On How To.” By Esther Lamnyam. Why?   This lack of knowledge of how to deal with woman has created tons of music, wars, abuse, etc. Know your power….else come find out!  I am very excited to share this secret knowledge with you and help us manifest our genius. We are in this together!

This is your year of Power and Manifestations.

Some of the tools are the right nutrients, dance and movement.  Everything in nature moves, even when not evident! Hint.  So I formed The Entrée and Dance Club.  Look at the list above again…I noted many on that list do not dance! Attend this workshop and accelerate your genius talents and gifts and live life to the fullest and abundantly.  Let your words be impactful, your soup tastier, your moves captivating, your music moving, your children more grounded and your partners healed!

Did you know that all highly producing folks…..

from time immemorial were highly intimate folks or always had a woman with them to effectuate change and success?   (Abraham, Moses, King David, King Solomon, Caesar, Napoleon, President Kennedy, President Mobutu, President Mandela, Donald Trump….you name a few more.)  Their relationships might not have been sexual, but they found a way to keep alive the magnetic creative force of this vital force energy in their lives by being with women. Come find out why!

Have you noticed how when teenagers…

especially boys mess with sexual energy the wrong way their A grades start dropping and they cannot even construct full sentences anymore (“uuh…yo…watzs-up” becomes a real word in the English language to them!)?

Have you wondered…

how those who choose celibacy can channel that energy into great art, music, sermons and more?

We will discuss…

such topics as:  foods to eat;  exercises to do to transmute the vital force and energy usefully and holistically;  why sex creates  more than babies and illnesses in some cases; the levels of sex; why sexual chemistry is not enough reason to get married; tools other cultures use to create balance and not create neurotic situations or deviant behavior in people who choose  celibacy; the intersection of the physical and spiritual – mind, body and spirit connection; the power of movement and dancing; how matter cannot be created or destroyed but can be converted from one form to another and how to do it; the real power of attraction (not sex), but it will show that you already have the power and knowledge within you…as it is already in our DNA to manage our energy and create  at our highest potential and beyond!

“If your baby does not cry for your milk when you return home, you know it has been fed,” quote from Love Under the Kola Nut Tree, What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships.

Price: TBD when you contact Esther

Esther is a wellness and lifesuccess strategist, consultant, coach, speaker, writer, iridologist, healer and Information Technology Systems Architect. Esther is the founder of Imitate Nature Consulting and Coaching International, and The Entrée and Dance Club. She is the author of the book “Love Under theKola Nut Tree. What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships,” available on www.amazon.com.


Arrange for a workshop Contact Esther Lamnyam and then Order the training.


=========================  Becoming =============================




“Using movement via dance to reclaim your physical, spiritual, and emotional well being”


  • Are you tired and exhausted most of the time?
  • Do you have big projects on your mind, on paper, but not in reality?
  • Do you become very excited by a vision, plan, goal, or project and later lose all interest in it and even forget about it and don’t know why?
  • Is this phenomenon a repeating cycle in your life?
  • Can you pull in a relationship, project, and network successfully… and then….it frizzles out to nothingness?
  • Have you attended tons of workshops, seminars, read books, spiritual books, quote inspirational text, tried The Secret, The Law of Attraction, The Prayer of Jabez, Vision Boards, yet you cannot make your dreams, plans, goals, visions come to visible manifestation?
  • Do you have all the keys, but cannot find the keyhole?

Well, your frustration, pain, and challenge is about to go bye, bye so you can make your visions come to fruition

How? You ask…

Glad you asked…

You are ready to walk into your vision. Because for it to happen, you have to seek;

  • Seek the answers to why you are failing so far
  • Seek the prerequisite you need(ed) to put in place for any goal to come to tangible,sustained and repeatable manifestation
  • Seek so the “fruit fly” can show up è you have to create the right environment and situations for your desires to happen effortlessly!
  • The egg does not go the sperm; the sperm swims/runs to the egg;
  • The flower does not go to the bee, the bee flies to the flower anxiously but,
  • Do you believe the egg and the flower are so innocent and powerless?

Well come find out how you too have the power to pull in all the needed forces to aid in the achievement of your dreams. So they come swimming, flying in droves to you!

You have the power to get and achieve manifestation, call into existence any goal you want manifested in your life, the life of your families, corporation, or ministry, but you have to know your power, know how to use it, know how to activate, accelerate, tame, share it and use it to heal yourself to bring your heart’s desires into manifestation.

How? You asked again:

  • By using simple tools, hidden in plain sight. And they are all free and you can pull on them at any time anywhere to transcend the occasion, frustration, challenge or pain.
  • Use simple sounds, learn the secret of the greatest master
  • Use simple foods – learn how high achievers ground their energy and success so it sticks and is repeatable
  • Use simple movement – learn why when the man after God’s own heart did it, he could strategize about the next battle better and be able to get the vision of how to proceed.
  • Learn tools that will stop your cyclical relationship or project failures. Do your relationships have a certain life cycle and they die?
  • Learn why some stay in a relationship for years then one day they are “pronounced man and wife” and the relationship dies….easily. Learn how to stop this phenomenon from happening to you or yours.

Attend this one of a kind series of workshops where you will learn healing (physical, spiritual, emotional) through time tested movement, nutrition and knowledge.

 If you do not get a tool to accelerate your growth in your area of greatest frustration, pain, or challenge; ask for a full refund and your money will be refunded – no questions asked. We only ask that you try us to heal your frustration with an open mind and be receptive.

Are you making love to food? Find out how and why.

Come find out how to use your energy to create like the greatest artist and painters do. Come.

 If you make a choice to succeed, and you are willing to receive, then, we will be a channel for your growth, for only you do your own ‘healing.’ The greatest master asked, “Do you want to be healed?” before healing someone. Do you want to move forward? Then attend this workshop.

 Esther is a consultant, coach, speaker, writer, iridologist, healer and Information Technology Systems Architect. Esther is the founder of Imitate Nature Consulting and Coaching International, and The Entrée and Dance Club. She is the author of the book “Love Under theKola Nut Tree. What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships,” available on www.amazon.com.


Arrange for a workshop Contact Esther Lamnyam and then Order the training.

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