Coaching : Reclaim Your Life –  Physical, Spiritual and Emotional

There are rhythms and cycles to life, events, and nature! When you tap into natural laws and principles, you create and maintain successful relationships, business and health or what you may, without striving and instead, dance with nature!

These natural laws work across the board, whether it’s your health, your relationships or your business. The beauty of having these tools is you can always come back to them. They’re constant!

There is a constant intersection between the spiritual and physical at play in all we do, because we are spiritual beings in a physical body. Not knowing the per-requisites and not using this intersection.

Makes manifesting what we are taught in both religious and non-religious self-help books difficult to manifest, or repeat the manifestations we get!

Ever tried laws such as the Law of Attraction, The Secret, and Vision Boards… with consistent, repeatable success?

My coaching programs give you strategies to reclaim your physical, spiritual and emotional life!

I am passionate about fixing issues at the root.

The corrective mechanism is always triggered by the entity to be corrected; I am passionate about and enjoy the process to identify this entity! Once identified, your well starts bubbling pristine fresh water! Share!

From the nineties, I have been on a conscious journey studying and discovering base principles underlying wellness, relationships and personal growth systems, their interrelations and interconnectedness!

Thus discovering and understanding the strategies to get you on the right lane, affects many areas of your life thus yielding faster results, hence reclaiming of your life and achieving your goals!

Why “re-claim” and not just “claim” your life? This is because at birth and even before your birth, you were endowed with all the tools necessary to accelerate your growth and to achieve your life purpose.

However, along the way, situations like, culture, health, marriage, relationships, religion, war, location, foundation, etc.

May have derailed you. But now you feel the urge within you to re-set the compass of your life and manifest your purpose and you want to do it with joy!

You know and feel deep within you an urgency as this is now “the other side of midnight” or it is almost “last call,” and the music is about to stop, the lights are about to dim, and you better dance!

Join my Dance, Eat, Learn, Reclaim Your Life coaching, masterminds and Live events so you get the knowledge and wisdom while dining and dancing and connecting with others to reclaim your life!

Reclaim your life; achieve your purpose, live with joy, make an impact and have fun doing it!

I have a quarterly ReClaim Your Life Live Event where we come together and discover how to reclaim your life to achieve the desires of your heart using laws and tools not often discussed, using movement, nutrition and mastermind groups. Click here for information to attend Dance, Eat, Learn, ReClaim Your Life Mastermind Event.

I love supporting individuals who desire to reclaim their life! We design new life success models and systems that break old unsuccessful systems and instead create true repeated manifestation and true freedom!

I have more than 25 years of experience in and a deep desire for coaching wellness and life success strategies! I have assisted many achieve their dreams and goals.

It took me many years to figure out the elements that make all the knowledge we have gathered yield repeatable success, and do so consistently!

You may be missing the non-tangible and subtle elements that many ignore!

Join my Reclaim Your Life coaching, masterminds and live events to discover the missing element in your undertakings. Let my years of pain and discovery, cut the time for you so you catapult to your success!

When you get one of my coaching programs you get the option to join my Reclaim Your Live Community on Facebook where you mastermind globally with others, thus catapulting your success.


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