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life changer has the passion, education and tools yet keeps hitting an invisible brick ceiling and walls and feels like they are going to suffocate,

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Hi, I'm Estheryiyi

I am a solutions architect, published author, speaker, mentor, life coach and Stephen Minister who has been serving individuals and women especially for more than two decades. Most importantly, I am my Father’s daughter, standing in the gap and listening to serve you! Nature’s code is loaded with solutions; we need to work together to get the solution to your challenge.

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Life Success Strategies Coaching

The individual I work with: You have the tools, education, positions, status, leadership and ‘ingredients’; yet, you just can’t make the “soup” of your desire.


You will learn how to use nutrition to heal and strengthen yourself, how to strengthen your internal organs that support you! 


I can assist you get more life fulfillment, live your purpose, impact the lives of your family, coworkers and community and have fun doing it.

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Life Success Strategies Coaching



What My Clients Say

Hi, Esther. Your program and books have been very helpful. They’ve improved my quality of life. I am enjoying life more; I actually have more control over my feelings and moods. My mood has improved.

Patrick Kenjo Federal and Corporate Financial Expert and consultant

Esther has the ability to bring out God in people because everybody was created in the image of God and Esther’s gift is to bring out the potential in people by practically showing them the way. What the priests are doing in the pulpit, Esther is doing in people’s lives.

Dr. G.Y. Morgan MD - London

I, Patience (mostly called Grandma) believe in Esther and her Coaching. You just need to LISTEN to her talk!!! She has a WEALTH of Wisdom, I would say in almost all fields (the Arts, Science, Nature, Balance, etc.). Just listen to her talk to you about, say ”Forgiveness”, you will almost immediately act and have the greatest peace of mind. She is Wonderful and I pray many people can contact her and gain from her Wealth of Knowledge.

Patience Ndi

I read the book Love Under the Kola Nut Tree about 1 year ago. At the time I was researching kola nuts and saw the book title on a Google search. The title captivated me because I wondered how does love happen under a kola nut tree (metaphorically speaking of course). So, with my curiosity, I just had to have a copy of the book. It was such a compelling and profound read, I had to tell all those I knew who studied African spirituality, having relationship issues, and just wanted to read a good book. I am still talking up the title and even a classmate across the waters in Singapore has purchased a copy. The teaching in the book helped me change my thinking to being more hopeful, helped me flow in all of my relationships, and just gave me a general sense of well-being knowing that so many things in life are connected. Reading the book and applying the tools, helped me create some great relationships and enhance the relationships I already had. I wish future readers success in their future endeavors and know their lives will forever be changed by using the tools you so eloquently put before us.



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    ReClaim Your Life Podcast

    ReClaim Your Life Podcast

    Hello!  I’ll start a podcast series to assist you reclaim your life and achieve your goals. These podcasts will help you Reclaim Your Life, Create Your Dreams, Live Your Purpose, Make An Impact & Have Fun Doing It. Connect! When you listen you will get in-depth information on how to tap into resources within you […]