About Me

About Me & My Mission

Hi, I'm Esther Yiyi

I am a solutions architect, published author, speaker, mentor, life coach and Stephen Minister who has been serving individuals and women especially for more than two decades. Most importantly, I am my Father’s daughter, standing in the gap and listening to serve you! Nature’s code is loaded with solutions; we need to work together to get the solution to your challenge.

Together, we will naturally and safely reveal the root causes and solutions to the challenges of your life.

I will encourage you to know yourself and befriend yourself and understand yourself from many dimensions. Your self-knowledge code will naturally activate your success.

We will uncover subtle foundational elements and missing prerequisites that have limited your success leading to relationship failure, wellness failure and failure in life aspirations.

You may have one need: health issues or success strategies in your area of challenge, or spiritual coaching or all three. We can work together so you reclaim your life and serve in your life purpose or just live a joyful life.

I can assist you get more life fulfillment, live your purpose, impact the lives of your family, coworkers and community and have fun doing it.

My Mission

I help people achieve life mastery and reclaim their lives: having fulfilling relationships with themselves and others, being healthy and wealthy, creating their dreams, making an impact and being happy. They can see the interconnectedness of their lives, and how to create their desired success, reclaim their lives, create their dreams, make an impact, and have fun doing so.

In the difficulties of my own life’s journey and getting the support needed to see clearly, I learned strategies that would impact not just my life but others’ also. Using the medium of books, coaching and speaking, I share those strategies. Lessons taught through stories are easier to relate to, learn and remember.

What My Clients Say

Hi, Esther. Your program and books have been very helpful. They’ve improved my quality of life. I am enjoying life more; I actually have more control over my feelings and moods. My mood has improved.

Patrick Kenjo Federal and Corporate Financial Expert and consultant

Esther has the ability to bring out God in people because everybody was created in the image of God and Esther’s gift is to bring out the potential in people by practically showing them the way. What the priests are doing in the pulpit, Esther is doing in people’s lives.

Dr. G.Y. Morgan MD - London

    My work with Esther has taught me to streamline my thoughts. She helped me to categorize some of the basic things like values, interests, and goals. She also gave me exercises and homework to continue to work on these areas. She gave me some grounding exercises and small things that I can do each day to move towards my vision. I have a notebook, in which I put all of the important things she taught me. I refer to it often as I continue to shape my destiny. Work with Esther if you have unfulfilled dreams. She will help you to find your way.”

    Carey B. (IT Writer)

    Esther Lamnyam has a special gift of analyzing symptoms in any part of the body before they become chronic. She was right on the money with my high level of cholesterol and lack of adequate irons in my blood before any symptoms could emerge. She is extremely patient, concerned and meticulous beyond reproach. She will exceed your expectations with confidence and professionalism. If you are looking for someone with integrity, honesty, extraordinary skills of analyzing healing and preventive care there is only one person who has won my respect and that person is Esther Lamnyam.

    Prof. Abas PhD (Science Professor, Movie Producer, Minister, Humanitarian)

      I, Patience (mostly called Grandma) believe in Esther and her Coaching. You just need to LISTEN to her talk!!! She has a WEALTH of Wisdom, I would say in almost all fields (the Arts, Science, Nature, Balance, etc.). Just listen to her talk to you about, say ”Forgiveness”, you will almost immediately act and have the greatest peace of mind. She is Wonderful and I pray many people can contact her and gain from her Wealth of Knowledge.

      Patience Ndi (Iridologist, Nutritionist)

      Thank you for your wonderful program and encouraging that this is possible to me with videos, writing books, presentations of substance pointing directly to God. A similar vision was recently whispered to me and you answered my questions about how to get started with a good model blessed by God. I praise God for sharing with me as doing what you are called to do. This has given me permission to let go of fear and thoughts and to be who I am meant to be and to start my coaching ministry confidently.

      Lu Nobles (Retired Corporate Coach)