Esther Yiyi

Through being an author, speaker, life success strategies coach, and information technology consultant, Esther Yiyi helps people to see the interconnections of their lives, and how to create their desired success, reclaim their lives, create their dreams, make an impact and have fun doing so.

One on One & Dance Mastermind

I created Dance, Eat Learn – Reclaim Your Life Mastermind. Many have most of their wants, now they just want to fulfill that lingering desire, have fun and stay fit and connect with others and share!


Reclaim Your Life, Create Your Dreams, Make An Impact, and Have Fun Doing It!

Q – What is Dance, Eat Learn – Reclaim Your Life Mastermind?
Q – When is the last time you danced with abandon or just tapped your foot to a rhythm that made you smile inside?
Q – When is the last time you went out of your house and just had a good time (not just going to dine out)?
Q – When is the last time you noticed you last had fun?
Q –
Do you feel trapped, blocked, in one or many areas of your life be it in your marriage, relationships, finances, health, career or what you may?
Q – Does your energy and joy get zapped and the desire to be productive wanes without reason?
Q – Do you see repeated problems in your life as if you are in a cycle never being able to exit even when the exit sign is right in front of you?
Q – Are you tired of chasing after your dreams, having all the information, plans, tools yet can’t make it happen?
Q – Are you asking what about me now? Now that the kids are all grown and gone; you feel lost? Or it could be another major change in your life?
Q – Are you asking what next, now that you are retired or have all you want; yet feeling like you need a little something, yet can’t put your finger on it?


You Are Not Alone!

Based on feedback and listening even to the unexpressed desires of many, I created Dance, Eat Learn – Reclaim Your Life Mastermind. Many have most of their wants, now they just want to fulfill that lingering desire, have fun and stay fit and connect with others and share!

Dance, Eat, Learn and Reclaim Your Life Mastermind group taps into nature’s tools such as dance, movement, nutrition, fun food, learning, connecting to help you reclaim your life, dreams and desires and have fun doing it! We will help each other answer the frustrating questions and challenges in your life that keep you awake sometimes.

Why Dance?

Everything in nature moves! Yes, even the stones….in physics we term it vibrations! Thus, everything vibrates at its own natural frequency!

Movement is so prevalent in nature that without it, there would be NO progress, the earth and planets move (called rotation and spinning.) And as things move, evidences of the movements change over time, called growth! Your skin is not the same you had last year – change! So, we can say that change is the only constant! Embrace change and watch evidence of fruitfulness and productivity in your life! Thus embrace movement and watch evidences of fruitfulness and productivity in your life!

There is a dance (movement), of the human within and without! For example, peristalsis (this is the involuntary constriction and relaxation of the muscles of the intestine or another canal, creating wave-like movements that push the contents of the canal forward.) Movement thus seems to be coded in life.

But why just call it movement? We can call it a dance! If you want to get from one point to another, move! Dance! Imitate Nature! It is like a hidden in plain sight “secret” key to life! There is a code in nature…find it and adapt it to different situations.

You too can dance! Actually, you too do dance! You do so both consciously and sub-consciously as in the case of peristalsis and other bodily movements so vital for your being alive.

There are many benefits to dancing.

Who is Reclaim Your Life – Dance, Eat, Learn Mastermind For?

Do you feel trapped, blocked and frustrated as you have all the information, but do you know how to download your visions, dreams, ideas into concrete physical success?

Well, you are not alone….

I used to be in the same boat despite being very passionate about my vision, desires and dreams. You see, outside of my nine to five job, I wanted to live my purpose, joyfully and with impact!

I struggled to take all what I paid so much money and time to learn and turn it into visible tangible manifestation and do so consistently! It was frustrating having a message and success strategies to share and knowing that I could truly help people but then being stuck and experiencing near-breakthrough syndrome or ‘almost made it” syndrome.” It’s like I had all the ingredients and hunger to make soup but could not make delicious soup!

It is not until I discovered, some innate foundational tools, laws, threads, elements and pre-requisites that run through our activities that I started to crack the code! These are like hidden in plain sight attributes. Some are so base, they are totally ignored, however, without being conscious of them success will eventually plummet.

Join this Reclaim Your Life Mastermind group, where I show you these tools and begin to see your dreams come to fruition while you are enjoying yourself! Or join to connect, to share and help others succeed also. Bring your much needed light to this group!

Come Dance, Eat, Learn with us; repeat.

Join ReClaim Your Life Mastermind group to dance, eat and learn!

With this mastermind group, you will move even when you don’t know or think you are moving.

Yes, you can dance, eat and learn by yourself and I encourage you to. However, with this group you will enjoy a community of like-minded folks holding a space for you to create your dreams and the desires of your heart! Better yet, you will do same for others also!

You DANCE, You EAT, You LEARN; You LEARN, You EAT You DANCE. Small moves make big impact!

We mastermind, and help each other solve their problems, over snacks, international cuisine and mastermind hot seats.

Join this Movement Mastermind group called ReClaim Your Life, and use movement, nutrition and revealed knowledge of how to train your body to heal itself, and dancing among other tools to create your dreams and have fun doing it.

Learn dance moves. Teach dance moves. It is not for the expert dancer, just us….everyone who wants to move, shake, tap foot, nod a head, smile, close your eyes, snap a finger.

Some benefits of dance:

  • celebrating the joy of movement.
  • discover hidden in plain sight tools to solve problems
  • Make powerful connections with others
  • Improve your mental health, condition of your heart and lungs,
  • Improve mental functioning
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Increases confidence
  • Celebrate culture and heritage
  • improve timing, coordination, agility and flexibility
  • Dance like nature; glide and undulate like the wind, stump and be grounded like the earth, heat up and sweat like fire, shake like the leaf and savanna grass in the wind…
  • Better yet, imitate your favorite dancers, even animals…move like the squirrel dances with its tail!
  • increased aerobic fitness, heart fitness
  • Personal and group storytelling
  • Stay fit; improve muscle tone and strength
  • Weight management,
  • Improves skin health
  • Great stress buster
  • Dance involves a lot of movements, filling us with energy and focus
  • Gives emotional release.
  • Then Mastermind with the group, as together, we tackle that frustrating issue of your, as now with all the oxygen to our brains and hearts, that frustration gets solutions and you can then create your dream and make an impact in your life, family, job, corporation, ministry, country and why not the world!

Join and Become a Member

You become part of the Facebook group where we share and support each other. Those in the local vicinity meet in groups. But don’t be shy to dance by yourself, or with family and friends. The benefits are tremendous. Every so often, we will have an open event. Learn more when you join the Face Book Group