The Villager’s Guide to Weight Maintenance and Wellness Coaching is a One-on-One Coaching and also Mastermind Group Coaching Program.  Choose the one best for you or your group.


(Side effects = weight loss, sleep better, regular bowel movements, more energy, less cravings, eliminate face swelling, increased libido, whistle at yourself when you see you in a mirror.)

I travelled to the hinter-villagers to get this program for you. I wanted to find out how the villager enjoys so much delicious food, yet stays constantly ‘tight.’ And how to adapt the ‘keys’ I discovered to our Western life successfully.

(In this video, I took the journey to the village to discover some these secrets for you:

In this video: What is a Kola Nut?  | Esther Lamnyam Explaining what is a Kola Nut

Here are some questions to consider:

Eating less, yet gaining more?  (This program will show you a work-around where you still enjoy the foods your body’s innate makeup craves, yet not balloon out! Corn bread, collards, pasta, foofoo, garri, rice, burger anyone?! If you avoid them, you end up binging later… discouraging yourself all over again!)

We rebel even from our own plans…we are born rebels…change is the only constant; so in this program you eat some of things you like else you resist and go back to square one!

Are your jaws swelling after a meal or no meal? (Discover, just a few ‘things,’ that are the culprit. I know because I sweated for years trying to figure this out…even the allergists where scratching their heads over this pain of mine!  Ahhhh! You see my ‘fat jaws and belly in some of my videos!

I will tell you the cause but more importantly the process of discover so you become the detective of those jaw and belly rising “natural flavors”! Let my pain serve you. Let my beautiful hindsight be your foresight!

Ever had to put your dreams/pictures on hold because your jaws “swell up” and your job entails being in front of people? sob, sob …well here, I’ll show you the proof I went through this. I’ll let my agony of showing up on camera with jaws that got swollen few minutes before the interview be of service to you! Was it the water/tea/snack or something else?   Find out my discovery!

Let’s turn the “UR!” in my ‘joURney’ to “JOY” in your JOurneY !

Same journey different experiences!

Do you swear you gain weight on air?  (Hehehe, I used to also; until I learn this food combination I’ll show you in the program.)

Do you feel lethargic, sluggish, joyless every time you eat at a salad bar?  (This program will show you which salad bar items to avoid.)

Do you have bowel movements once in a blue moon and woe to you if there are no blue moons in a while? (This program will help you have regular enjoyable bowel moments! No kidding.  You will smile, feel good, sing praises to God and send me tips…hehehe. ‘They’ used to advise me to eat more fiber and drink water! For a partial vegetarian, I was at my wits end because that advice did not work, until I discovered this tip and type of vegetable!)

Are you ‘tired’ most of the time?

Is your libido low, or none existent or better yet, you forgot what the word means?  (Eat like the villager in this program and watch your cells wake up on their own, doing what they have done efficiently since time immemorial, giving you the energy you need, also driving tiredness away.)

Did you notice that food is beginning to cost so much you think the cash register computer has a problem? Use my tips to save on food! If you follow my guide…this program’s meals, keeps you satiated…so you “forget” to eat! Ah ha.  You will “think” to eat (triggered by commercials, thoughts or seeing food,) but your tongue will be quiet.

Yes, you read right, the tongue’s desire for food will be quenched!  Now, see how some of the side effects listed above like weight loss are possible?

Sinus Congestion? From netti pots, saline solutions, teas, to over the counter (OTC) medications, etc. ….I had them all. Worst of all, they log your ID to give you an OTC when you can’t even breathe! Delete this issue with the villager’s natural ‘secrets.’

Waking up with HUGH migraines at the back of your head and between your eyes!! (A side effect of this villager’s guide will be to remove your migraines and congestions! Joy!)

Are you hooking up and even living together or marrying because you met someone who can cook? Yet, later you are like… “What the dickens?”…. “How the sweet potatoes did we get here…?”   (I’ll show you how to be what I call the “cook like a villager – recipe-less,” – chef level tasty food, using the villager’s techniques.

Now, have you tried famous diet programs? Others lose weight on them, but you swear you did all things right, did not cheat on your diet, yet you have the reverse results?  (The Villager’s Guide to Weight Maintenance and Wellness Program will at least help you keep what you have so far worked hard to acquire! However, the program, somehow senses, your unexpressed desire, (to lose your acquisition 🙂 and will give you a nice side effect.)

Discover YOUR PERSONAL SUCCESS CODE.  It is not one size fits all, your code is embedded within you, and nature knows you by that code. Use it, and get grounded and align with yourself, leading to success!

While you continue your exercise program, this The Villager’s Guide to Weight Maintenance and Wellness Program will show you the six exercises that will accelerate your manifestation. They are not even real exercises…just ‘moves’ you do daily for 3 to 6 minutes and stay looking young!

Ever seen many villagers with wrinkles?   The villager imitates nature innately and nature’s creations and stays wrinkle free, Discover some of the villagers tips in this program.

In my book Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Mom’s Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships,” I tell you how to the villager, wireless communication existed since ancient times before we know it today via visible devices and as wireless communication.

Do you prefer flesh to vegetables?  Try this vegetable recipe….even my friends and coworker’s kids love these veggies!  Yours might just love it too; side effect…they (your kids) will be loaded with powerful anti-oxidants, chlorophyll and nature’s focus medicine.  I’ll show you a trick to have kids think they are now chef extraordinaire….leading to them eating their own creations!

And much, much more…

An Iris Analysis Is an option for this program.

  • Using your own Iris (blue or brown center of your eye) to Understanding your personal constitution and the types of food that will optimize your health.
    Internal system of exercises that keep the internal organs strong and healthy and not just your abs for swooning.
    • Foods that help you have easy elimination, and eliminating constipation
    • Elimination of nasal congestion and how it leads to eliminating belly fat, weight loss, increase energy and mental alertness

Using Iris analysis – see what your eyes say about you.
• The inherent constitutional strengths and weaknesses in your physical body and how to cope with life
• Potential for health problems and how to avoid them
• Where your body is likely to break down under stress
• How your relationships can affect your health
• How your thoughts and words can affect your health
If you know where your weak links are, then you know exactly what you have to do to protect yourself so you can live a long and healthy life and create fulfilling relationships. We lay out a plan and healing meals and I show you how to prepare those meals. I give you a system to make this very easy for you and your family.
By knowing your inherent constitutional strengths and weaknesses you can select a diet and lifestyle which can optimize your health and avoid many illnesses.
You will also learn how to train your body to heal itself by using:
Food/herbs, Vitamins/Minerals, Water Therapy
Breathing techniques to eliminate pain and to heal yourself.
• Internal Exercises that strengthen not just those beautiful abs but the internal organs that make you tick. This will enable you to age backwards!
Body, Mind and Spirit connection, and how to be successful in anything, you have to use incorporate all those elements of yourself.
Healing Meals and how to prepare them. Your kids will finally devour those vegetables!
Words, Thoughts, Sound, Silence and other tools to heal yourself and others.
• How to awaken your own cellular energy and finally have the excitement you need to be very creative and joyful.
Self knowledge; the one thing you must invest in.
• Your personal code…use it for health, career, relationships and more.

  • And much more.

This wellness coaching program is for you if you want to get more energy, focus, less headaches, age healthily and be strong in your old age…and much more. ‘

This is not a weight loss program, but many have found weight loss as a side effect. A side effect you finally like!

So get this program today start eating like the villager!

If you have gluten intolerance like me, this is a program for you. It took me years to crack the code on the issues above; use my program as a short cut!

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My coaching programs are not a substitute for health consultation, therapy and counseling by individuals qualified in those fields, nor a diagnostic or treatment program. My client’s physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being is their full responsibility.

Will this program work for you? You may not get the same results another gets; as you must do the work diligently. You get what you put into any effort. If you sow, weed and prone, you will reap because, “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, And cold and heat, And summer and winter, And day and night Shall not cease.” (from the Bible). So results are based on your planting the seeds…invest in doing the work by setting time aside for it and nature will do it’s part; one that it has been doing since time immemorial!

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