Please donate to the coaching and mentorship fund to sponsor Esther’s mentorship, coaching and sponsoring efforts in Cameroon of middle and high school students.

She plans to expand to other African countries; teaching them self-growth, life success strategies and how to use their God given talents to serve especially in this Internet age with limitless possibilities.

Esther plans to build a much-needed public library. Your support of these efforts will make in big difference in the lives of young adults, future of the country, Africa and hence the world! Thank you!

Donate to the coaching and mentorship

Esther Lamnyam as Speaker : Managing Puberty to Middle School Students at GBHS Bamenda Cameroon 1

Esther Lamnyam Teaching Successful Study Habits – How to Handle Being Sleepy

Esther Lamnyam Teaching Successful Study Habits – 2. Assessing Current Study Habits

You see the challenges the teachers phase in the video. The students I am mentoring are quiet but on the other side of the room are kids playing! Next time I’ll bring a mic.

It’s a journey, it’s a process; but the rewards are mighty as the students acknowledge tremendous growth from this mentoring and coaching! Please join me in this effort. Please donate to support this most needed effort. I travel broad once a year just for a few weeks based on my vacation time from my job in the U.S.

so I have to coordinate this carefully with the schools. More principals ask for this but I have to fly back to work. Spending more time in this effort is my dream and vision God willing. Thank you!

Donate to the coaching and mentorship