Strive to be Happy. Powerful Tools on How to

Strive to be Happy. Powerful Tools on How to

My new book “Strive to be Happy. Powerful tools on how to”

Hello! This is Esther Lamnyam, author of the book “Love Under the Kola Nut Tree What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships.” A blog I wrote entitled Strive to be Happy – Twelve Powerful Secrets on how to has generated lots of interest and also requests to write for other blogs.

Due to the amount of interest, I have decided to give you more secret tips on how to juice up your life in a book format.

My new book entitled “Strive to be Happy. Powerful tools on how to,” contains more powerful secrets on how to energize your life.

For subscribing my newsletter today, you get to have more secrets never before disclosed, as my thank you gift to you! Many, many more secret tools and tips! If you want to be success in your life and relationships, and or you deal with other human beings….this book is a must read.

Why is being happy so important?

When we feel down, it affects us, our families and our productivity among many other things. People have lost great opportunities because they did not have the energy happiness produces to follow up on projects.

Being happy leads to huge growths in your fun, business growth, and successful relationships.

Being happy gives you more energy, which is juice, power, and blood in your system leading to you being more creative. Creativity will lead to more emotional, mental, financial, physical success in your life, a longer life, and feeling good among many other benefits. You will bounce back quickly from issues. Live a dream life simply from increasing your happiness!

Subscribe to my newsletter and discover – Here in this book, I offer even more unique secret tools not commonly used. Have you ever heard a song and just on the very first note you went “ahhhhh”, or the voice of someone just made you feel at ease, relaxed and at peace and you knew your worries will be taken care of? Here we see the power of vowels and vowel sounds, sound, overtones, vibration and wireless communication. In this little book, I will give you more secrets tools to use to create that feeling by yourself, at any given moment. You will be able to “tune” yourself to happiness, on the fly!

Being in a state of complete productivity can only be generated when we are happy within and zoned out. Nine hours of work, seems like 2 hours of pleasure or bliss!

These tools will enable you to be happy in the now; this will give you the juice to do what you need to do now to propel you forward helping your pull your vision into reality!

You need these secrets for yourself, your family, your organization, your corporation, your sports team and the global community. The energy your happiness will release will affect your productivity, sportsmanship, artistry and the joy you inflict on others. They too will propagate this joy and happiness to the rest to the world. We are all connected; and this interconnectedness running this line of happy current will flow through to others leading to joy and strength…..and back to you. Yippee!

Some of these one of a kind powerful, productive secret tools are:

• Be Like the Goat – swallow, then chew on it later

• Sleep with lights out

• Never satisfied? Learn to be content in whatever situation

• Understand energy, sex and intimacy

• Dance

• The “Non-Vision” VISION Board

• To testimonial or not to testimonial? Know the medium to make testimonials.

• Grieve, sing a dirge, mourn, cry, weep, sob, recite or make up poetry as you cry. Talk.

• Stop saying “I know” (to stop the explanation) when being given instruction as it eliminates learning the basics.

• The pleasure of giving … pleasure.

• Create a healing circle with two or more people

• The heart forgets! If not, the raw grief of dead loved ones and broken relationships will kill us!

• Learn to be with you. Know thy self

• Sneeze. Sneeze loud and strong! Yes you heard me right. Do not suffocate your sneezes

• There is always a person in the house through whom energy flows….law of nature

• The only two questions you should ask before you start investing any form of energy into a potential life partner

These unique secret tools for your happiness beat drugs on delivering you continuous contagious doses of happiness. You need the right kind of stamina to succeed…..positive stamina produced by being happy. Happiness is good!

So subscribe to my newsletter and get the tools to keep you and yours happy; one of kind, never before discussed tips you need to move the dial for you in the direction of your success! And get other products and tools I create!

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Cheers to your Happiness…our happiness!

– Esther