Strive to be Happy – Twelve Powerful Secrets on how to.
I received an early morning call from someone in a not so happy place today.  There are a few tools to get one out of a not so happy place.  I’ll give you twelve here:

1. Sing a song or  just sing  “doe– a deer a female deer;  ray– a drop of golden sun; me– a name i call myself;  far– a long long way to run;  … etc.”  from  The Sound of Music.   By the time you sing it the third time your energy and that around you would have changed. Try it!  Vowels sounds are the secret to the universe and to changing the atmosphere. (Vowels sounds are so powerful, creative and have such high vibrational energy some language does not use them! )   Tune yourself!!!

2.  Listen to Music.  Music can heal and bring joy and more. Soon you will be dancing or tapping your toes in rhythm with the music.

3.  Call your name. The power in your name is so enormous! Most of us never call our name or even own it!  I can get things done in the name of someone (mom, dad, boss, Jesus, supervisor, etc.) Try getting things done in your name! (more on this later in another blog,) But attune with it (your name) first.  (Names are so powerful, some steal it! Has yours been stolen?)

4. Do something for someone else; take the focus off of you and your problem.

5.  Alter your mind, alter your life. Where your thoughts and mind go…your countenance will follow.    Fantasize. Imagine.

6. Talk a walk…nature has a way to cleansing, purifying and opening our awareness. Use the natural elements…they are free!

7. Hang out with kids!  They are powerful change agents with good energy that just takes over the room!!

8. Long term: Set goals and work daily towards accomplishing them. When you have a purpose you dwell on it instead of on your problem.

9. Fake it! Yes, you heard me right. Your subconscious mind does not know when you are faking  .. ah ha! Soon it starts doing the real thing…so laugh it out! Pretend to be happy! (read more in “Love Under the Kola Nut Tree.”)

10. Get in touch with your God and the Master Within. He promised to comfort and to bring joy and all those promises have been kept and are still being kept daily!

11. Remember, this too shall pass…it always does.

12. Well, if you need a little ‘magic,’ use the laws of nature…. just spin them eggs as in “Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Moms Didn’t tell you about Creating Fulfilling relationships.”  Link to video on how to spin eggs:

Strive to be happy.  Joy is needed to create!

Written By:  Esther Lamnyam – Healer, Life Transformation Coach,, Speaker and Author. Website:  You may only reproduce this article if done in its entirely keeping the authors information with it.

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