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Within you lies a well of treasures bubbling to manifest in your physical life. Esther helps you tap into your innate potential and shows you per-requisites, tools within you and in nature to use to bring these wonders already programmed in you to fruition. So you can reclaim your life and live a joyful, impactful life. You are the constant in your life situations, so the one to focus on is you as the answer is already within you

There is a constant intersection between the spiritual and physical at play in all we do, because we are spiritual beings in a physical body. Not knowing the pre-requisites and not using this intersection makes manifesting what we are taught in both religious and non-religious self-help difficult to manifest, or repeat the manifestations we get! (Ever tried laws such as the Law of Attraction, The Secret, and Vision Boards… with consistent, repeatable success?)

Esther’s programs give you strategies you can use to reclaim your physical, spiritual and emotional life. Benefit from the wisdom Esther has gained from her life experiences and working with others around the world and apply them to your situations. She shows you how to use natural principles to help you confront your life challenges. She shows you how to tap into  nature’s tools that exist around you and within you to achieve your goals.

Once you get on her programs you realize the complexity is in nature’s simplicity. Uncovering root triggers is what you’ll do together.

You will be encouraged and empowered to reclaim your life and create your dreams. Somewhere along the way you may have put your aspirations on the shelf; deemed the light of your innate divine self and power and now need to re-claim it. Or you just got too busy with other aspects of life, or focusing on others. It might just be the other side of midnight for you, where you realize it’s almost ‘last call’ and you have not been dancing! It’s time to get on the dance floor of your life and birth your visions and dreams!

There are rhythms and cycles to life, events, and nature! When you tap into natural principles. You create and maintain successful relationships, business and health or what you may, without striving and instead, dance with nature! These natural laws work across the board, whether it’s your health, your relationships or your business. The beauty of having these tools is you can always come back to them. They’re constant!

Originally from Cameroon, in an effort to survive a very challenging situation after graduating from high school, Esther started discovering the hidden-in-plain sight laws of nature at play whether we used them or not. She tapped into these laws to create the opportunity to further her education in the U.S.A and later again to achieve good health. Today, Esther’s story has come full circle. She’s currently part of a new effort to mentor African young adults in life success strategies. 

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These discoveries lead Esther to among other things become a consultant, coach, mentor, speaker, writer, author, Iridologist, philanthropist, a Stephen Minister and IT Systems Architect.

Esther is the founder of Imitate Nature Consulting and Coaching International, Dance, Eat, Learn, ReClaim Your Life Masterminds and author of the books:  Esther’s books on Amazon.com 

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