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Esther is an Author and International Speaker and Coach.  Esther inspires clients to alter, transform, and expand their consciousness enabling them to develop self-knowledge, self- mastery and manifestation of their goals through practical application. She is able to reveal and explain some of the wonders and hidden aspects of life in a way that is very clear and succinct. She inspires her clients to grow stronger in their lives and health while giving more intelligently and consistently to their families, teams and communities. Esther has spoken at colleges, private mastermind groups, religious and spiritual groups, and churches.

Esther is the rare trainer capable of coupling personal, health, and spiritual growth with professional development.  She helps her clients attain and maintain productivity and balance in both their personal and professional lives. She shows how relationships, thoughts, words can affect health and how to achieve personal presence and fulfillment. Using hidden in plain sight natural laws and principles, Esther provides solutions, strategies and awareness.

Her background of science, spirituality, healing, arts, questioning, multicultural, inter-continental allows her to enable the individual  to know themselves through science, nature, spirituality, the universe within and without,  and to awaken the world within so they can manifest in this outer world their full potential.

She places the responsibility for growth back to the individual where they can replicate it over and over again.  Therein lies the joy in their life journey and the adventure of their human living.

She helps clients recognize relationships and events and the interconnectedness of humans, events, nature, and to begin the process of creating new relationships with themselves and others – relationships that are more divine.

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Esther travels from Bowie, Maryland.  Email  for her speaking and keynote fee within North America and international .  Contact Esther.


Esther Speaking

 In the video below: Esther Coaching  kids with behavior problems on Self Esteem.  (After her presentation, the Principal said that was the first time the kids sat for thirty minutes attentively! Esther also has a ability to bringing light/awareness and constant feedback helped her be aware of that gift and thus became even more conscious of her she effects the world around her:


Below video, I am a guest speaker, speaking to women in their fifties in Silver Spring Maryland – Preparing and enjoying your jubilee years:

Esther Yiyi – : How to Prepare to Make an Impact in Your Jubilee Years in this video.


Mentoring and Coaching Young Adults:  

In this video a student asked a question I was so grateful he did!  In another video (find on Youtube) I described the mechanics of prayer and this student asked a very important question. As a speaker with limited time on the floor, questions make all the difference:



I attended your training a year ago at Martin Luther King Library in D.C. I still have my notes from your seminar and I use them.  Thank you so much for your book and insights; they have definitely influenced my life.” —Lavern Johnson

To inquire about booking Esther, leave us a detailed message with dates and information about your event by calling 1-240-899-2453 or sending an email to Contact Esther.




More about Esther as Author and Speaker

One of my most significant passions is sharing the essence of my books :

Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Mom’s Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships

Strive to be Happy. Powerful Tools on How to

I would be thrilled to share the foundational principles for creating fulfillment and happiness with your group and organization. My books are truly ground breaking in throwing back the power at you and revealing immutable laws and principles in action constantly and show you how to tap into these natural forces. There are several different formats available so you can pick and choose what is most appropriate for you.

60 minutes that will change how you and your team think and feel about relationships and fulfillment, which leads to productivity and success.

Half –Day and Full Day Experiential Workshops:

These are designed to fit within a broader and longer-term program of personal and team development. In this structure, the participants do not just think about the path to creating a successful life or group, they participate and use powerful tools to bring about life and corporate fulfillment.

Internationally to young adults mentoring, teaching and coaching them on such topics as (or as requested):

  • how to prepare and position themselves in a world that has become a global “village” and they have to compete with others from around the world. With the Internet, they can now market their skills even from under a kola nut tree.
  • Successful study a habits
  • Managing puberty as in this video :


Speaking to Secondary School (Middle School) girls at Nkwen Bilingual High School, Cameroon. A co-ed Middle and HighSchool of more than five thousand students! With hormones naturally flooding their bodies, puberty becomes more challenging!  The time to get the GPS programmed is before your hit the highway! Getting the map before many of them hit the forest of puberty, boys, girls, peer pressure, self consciousness, etc.,  is important, – one for our goals for these mentoring lectures. The thank their principal for his observation and foresight and inviting me to speak on this most needed topic that even older women tell me they wished they had been taught also!



How to achieve your goals | Esther Yiyi talks about how to achieve your goals in this video.

Esther talking about using the ‘invisible realm’ to create and make your goals visible.  In this realm you can input intangible variables through pre-action, preparation and thoughts.  It could just be temporary variables for the project at hand. Also in this realm just like a computer compiler or a physical womb all creation takes place.  If you do your part, God, angels, nature, does it’s part and you get results! Repeat! It’s a partnership!

Contact me for more coaching on this if you want to tap into the laws and secret codes in nature to succeed and catapult your success.

Training/Workshops/Home study coaching programs:


Cracking the Code – The Path to Creating a Successful Life – About Module 11

Find out more here about this training here:

For more information about booking Esther as a keynote speaker or organizing a workshop for your team or community, email or call 240.899.2453