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    Silver Membership Level – ReClaim Your Life Coaching - $47 / per month Reclaim Your Life – Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Monthly Mastermind Group. Assist you define your goals. Create a vision and plan to achieve your goals, dreams and desires Give you a Life style Management Guide to assist you do more with same time as you have today. Create Your Dreams, Live Your Purpose, Make an Impact & Have Fun Doing it. With this coaching you will discover how to activate your dreams & potential to manifest tangible results. Discover how to tap into natures blueprint for success to create your dreams, live your purpose and have fun doing it! Learn, eat, dance, connect, be, become! Join a Closed Facebook page membership. Online Coaching via phone, Skype or Zoom More about this coaching: https://estheryiyi.com/intersection-coaching/
    Have you achieved all you dreamed about, but, you still feel something is missing and you can’t put your finger on it? There is just that one thing you need, but it eludes you? Many people have already achieved their dreams, yet, there is that one thing they can’t get or solve…be it career, relationship, family, health or what may. So, they need to mastermind to see the pot-holes causing them not to achieve their desire or goal. In this one-time coaching, we spend as much time in one a day together as needed ranging from one-hour to four hours to get to the root cause of your issue and then craft a solution. There are follow up emails correspondence for a month, to make sure you achieve your desire. Are you beginning to see and feel this phase of your life is “the other side of midnight”? You feel the urgency to (re) discover, re-claim, chart and fulfill your life purpose or dreams! You’ve helped your husband or wife achieve their dreams; the kids are in college, married or now doing their own thing. Now you see ‘You’ and ask,” what about me?”; you scream silently! If you have great plans and ideas but can’t implement them to fruition, consistently. If you manifest your plans and ideas but eventually plateau and no matter what you do, you find it hard to break that invisible wall above and around you! Do you have repeated or cyclical failure in your business, health or relationships and other areas? You know the pattern so well, but you can’t break it? If you experienced a “near breakthrough syndrome” this program is for you. Have you said or heard “I almost made it”?  “I almost made it. I almost passed that exam; I almost got married, I almost got the job, I almost won the war.”  Do you experience the “almost syndrome?” Then, this coaching program is for you. Online Coaching via phone, Skype or Zoom

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