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It’s been a while since I have written a blog or newsletter!  You may be asking ‘why’? To enable you Reclaim your life! Every once in a while, the seasons change, and it might look like nothing is happening as when in Winter, but come Spring, you realize the earth was not as dormant as it looked!

So, there’s a lot I’ve been working on and I look forward to sharing with you. Some of the information might coach you to reset your GPS (Global Positioning System,) and/or have more success and fun along the way!

Based on feedback, many want to reclaim their lives as the kids are now gone; they are retired or almost retiring; are in their jubilee years; they have more self-awareness and confidence; just want to have more fun; want to dance … more; or have realized this stage of their lives is now what I call ‘the other side of midnight” so, they may as well go for it!

So, I created ReClaim Your Life Mastermind and also the live event featuring knowledge share, international eats and dancing!  Learn, Eat, Dance! Let Us….

Through this mastermind group, we’ll endeavor to live life to the full! Full of peace, abundance, joy, love, good health and relationships… and your heart’s desire.  The group mind always catapults success in a big way while also creating beneficial connections!

Periodically, I’ll be sharing with you, what I call my “Intersection Coaching.”  Being spiritual beings in a physical body, there is always an intersection of the physical and the spiritual in all we do, whether we know it or not! I’ll try to link it to current events so you see the manifestation in real time. For example, the #MeToo movement going on is because there is never a casual sexual relationship in words, thoughts or deeds (if not grounded in spiritual legality!).  Without understanding the spiritual implications, it is only a matter of time before the forces at play manifest in the physical. And everything done in darkness will eventually come to light! We can’t stop the rhythm of the sun (except you have the understanding, boldness, connection and courage of Joshua!)

Again, the time to get the map (GPS) is before you get into the forest or get on the highways of life!

You will also discover what to do (as in the #MeToo), to rid yourself of STDs (and I mean sexually transmitted demons;) some spiritually programmed to manifest at a certain time in the victims (and perpetuators’) lives! We must understand our spiritual DNA and teach it to our young adults! Not knowing or not understanding does not stop the side effects as we see in many situations.

Yes, I’ve been working on a lot of knowledge, understanding and comprehension, these ‘invisible years’ among other things!  No more ‘milk’; it’s time for ‘meat’! My desire is to help enable your/my journey here on earth to be fulfilling and joyful as many I have coached had lost their joy. In fact, this is what lead me to write my book “Strive To Be Happy. Powerful Tools On How To.”

I had to go a little deeper as buying expensive programs, traveling around the country studying to move forward, I noticed others and myself seemed to have plateaued or were going round and round in circles with no functional exits despite our sincere efforts!  It’s heart breaking to be stuck or see another stuck and you can’t help them or yourself. Now you can reclaim your life!

Stayed tuned, come back to my site often, get on my mailing list, share my blog and newsletter. We are all connected! My success is your success, your success is my success! No more near-breakthrough syndrome!

Thank you for reading my blog and subscribing to my newsletter! I’ll share tools and tips with you that might look strange at first and you may have to squint a little but the key is to try them! Watch this short video on how I’ll be of service to you and the part you play to Reclaim your life!


In my books you will find a wealth of information on how to achieve your desires, discover the laws of nature at play, the secret and non-visible tools what I call “hidden in plain sight tools” necessary for your effortless growth. Click on this link to review and purchase my books.

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I look forward to providing you tools, tips and techniques that will help you ReClaim Your Life in your specific area of need or expertise, create your dreams, make an impact and have fun doing it!

More about ReClaim Your Life here: http://www.reclaimyourlifelive.com/

Learn, Eat, Dance!

Here’s to your output of Fulfillment, Peace and Joy!



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