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About Esther:

Within our lives and experiences are all the tools needed to navigate our journey and hold another’s hand. That touch, does not only guides us, warms and steadies us, but also heals us among other things! In this relating is fullness of joy!

After graduating from high school I was faced with a life-challenging situation. With only one science and technology university in my native country of Cameroon at the time, thousands of students were all trying to get into a class of two hundred students! An hall meant for seven hundred people was loaded with more than a thousand students for lectures!

I had gone to school from elementary to high school in the English speaking part of the country. Now I was forced to continue my university studies in French in a classroom full of noisy young adults where the teacher taught in French without a microphone! Needless to say this found me sitting on the sidelines as even if every student got ‘A’ grades, only 200 could go to the next class!

Stressed, anxious, suffocating emotionally and mentally, and faced with nowhere and no one to run to, my fervent desire to continue my education pushed me to discover my innate potential through discovering nature’s processes, laws and rhythms that are constantly at play and affecting me whether I am aware of them or not. I learned how to tap into these laws and rhythms, which cannot be manipulated, plea bargained, looped-holed or bribed in any physical court of law to reclaim my life! In a few months after embarking on these principles I found herself in school in the United States of America!

Years later, I again found myself taping into nature’s processes, laws and rhythms which are “hidden-in-plain-sight,” so to say, to not only solve life’s problems, but to live a healthy life. This now enabled me to finally be able to implement to fruition, information I had learned from self-help books, spiritual books, the Bible and the numerous seminars and programs I attended.

I discovered among many other things that there are pre-requisites needed to create at any level. That there is a constant intersection between the spiritual and physical at play in all we do, as we are spiritual beings in a physical body! Not knowing these pre-requisites and not using this intersection, was a reason manifesting what was taught in both religious and non-religious self-help books difficult or non-repeatable! (Ever tried laws such as the Law of Attraction, Vision Boards… with consistent repeatable success?)

These discoveries lead me to among other things become a consultant, coach, mentor, speaker, writer, author, Iridologist, philanthropist, a Stephen Minister and IT Systems Architect.

I am author of these books available on amazon.com

Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What city mom’s didn’t tell you about creating fulfilling relationships.” 

How the Dog Became a Domestic Animal:

Strive To Be Happy. Powerful Tools On How To

Words Of Silence: And Other Poems Of My Youth

How The Longtime Friendship Between The Fox And The Leopard Ended: An African Folktale


Online Coaching Program:

Cracking the Code; The Path to Creating a Successful Life. Powerful tools to bring about life fulfillment. (A Home Study Coaching Program)

In this video, introducing Esther at an Intimacy workshop:


Here is a little bit more about my journey from which I discovered tools to assist you:

I have worked in the service and retail industry with companies such as The Ritz-Carlton, Macy’s where I learned valuable customer service skills. I have traveled both nationally and internationally for work. I trained and tutored many; including United States Veterans and their families. I have worked for more than twenty-five years as a consultant to the U.S. Government providing Information Technology services.

Through working with people as a customer service specialist, IT help desk personnel, systems architect, an Iridologist, herbal counselor, tutor, mentor, spiritual teacher, personal growth coach, soccer team player, and information technology consultant, I have been able to connect the dots to see the root cause of many issues. “Fixing at the root” is one of the things my clients testify about me for.

Growing up in Cameroon, I spent time in the village in awe of how the villagers understood and respected nature and how they used touch, words, silence, fables, folktales, names, herbs and food among other things to heal and nurture relationships. Being a wellness guide, science student and information technology specialist, I understand the power of natural elements, rhythms, vibrations, resonance, energy and more at play.  Having lived in the U.S. for most of my adult life, I can connect many cultures and disciplines beneficially and thus uniquely placed to encourage, coach, inspire you and help you ReClaim Your Life! My number one goal in life has been to know God, and as a commissioned Stephen Minister, I can work with those who need spiritual coaching.

In my book “Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What city mom’s didn’t tell you about creating fulfilling relationships,” I use a captivating, suspenseful, meditative story to dramatically bring to life a self-help book. This book is for the reader of spiritual books and the reader of romance novels. As Spiritual Beings in a physical cocoon, honoring both our physical and spiritual nature helps us create more fulfilling relationships!

I donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of my works and books to send disadvantaged village kids to school. I also travel internationally to mentor and coach middle and high school youths in life success strategies and how to position themselves in a global economy that can now be accessed from the village without the need to travel to foreign lands to excel.

See some of my videos on YouTube.com and please support me in this effort by donating.

Contact me for coaching to reclaim your life, fulfill your dreams, manifest your destiny, live your purpose, have fun doing it and make an impact! ReClaim Your Life!

My coaching approach is not to sign you into a year contract except you choose to as some have for continuous mastermind and brainstorming after working with me. The people I work with have all the tools, but just can’t make the “soup” of their desire. After discussion to see if we can work together so you achieve your goals, you may choose, a year, six months or focused hours. I have worked with people at different levels who want two to four hours or more of focused work to get to the trigger of their issue, design the corrective mechanism and lay a path to achieving it. We stay in touch there after for a while, as they need, for feedback and navigational guidance. The power is always given back to you; we just create an easy system to assist you to release your visions and aspirations.

Contact me for speaking engagements.

I work with those seeking to reclaim their life by giving them life success strategies. I focus on salient foundational elements most often neglected thus leading to relationship failure, wellness failure and failure in life aspirations.

I am dedicated to working with women reclaiming their “co-creator-with-God” potential and power. All that is birth on earth comes through the womb, womb-man’s (woman’s) or earth’s womb! Know who you are and so you can Be whatever you dream of! Become daily using the tools I’ll show you! Becoming is the crux of the journey! I’ll show you how to do that through the alchemy of tools already within you and in nature. Within you are the seeds and resources needed to achieve your desires; working with me, you’ll get the catalysts, nature’s tools, and pre-requisites needed to reclaim your life. Lose frustration and needless stress! Self-knowledge is releasing! Without self-knowledge, potentials are buried! ‘Abuse’ is tolerated!

A mango working very hard, even dreaming, to become an apple has already failed before starting the process and does not even know it! Wasted time, years and energy! Get coached by me so you plant in the right soil, time, location, feedback and tools! Contact me to use the “Let Us” work-together code that even God uses!

Because of my struggles and experiences trying to succeed as a youth with limited support in a culture where I was almost invisible I learned valuable lessons leading me to where I am today. Thus I have a mission to mentor and coach young adults in topics such as life success strategies in and out of school; effective study habits; positioning them selves in an world that has become a global village; managing puberty and other topics their teachers and leaders see a need for.

In this video, I am talking to young adults on “Managing Puberty – What Happens to Your Body” a much needed but not frequently addressed topic for that age.


Contact me with topics your young adults have a need for. I do not want to talk to them about linear permutations when what they need and is a huge bridge to their success is how to manage pimples! Once they know how to manage their “distractions,” they can focus on and enjoy their tougher ‘equations.’

Join my Dance, Eat, Learn, ReClaim Your Life Mastermind Group;  There is a monthly live event (for locals and those who can make it) and a yearly event so those far off can participate and experience it. In the live events we come together to create our dreams. In this one-day event you use dance, nutrition (international cuisine) and knowledge to discover how to tap into your inner self so you can reclaim your life, have fun and joy doing it and create your dreams. This is a one of a kind event! Tap into tools nature uses to renew, regenerate, and reproduce ad infinitum! Join, Mastermind and Connect with like-minded individuals! Where two gather, a third mind is always created…harvest the extraordinary output!

Also buy my books for yourself, friends, family and gifts for your organization and conferences. My books teach life success strategies applicable to daily life and situations. Contact me for bulk order discounts.

It will be my humble pleasure, joy and gratitude to walk with you in this phase of your journey. Just a little airbrushing to reveal the masterpiece of your life! ReClaim Your Life! Start today! You did not come to earth to see others off, join ReClaim Your Life and dance your dance!

Check out my home study program CRACKING THE CODE THE PATH TO CREATING A SUCCESSFUL LIFE PROGRAM A Home Study Coaching Program and Work Book with Powerful Tools to Help You Achieve Life Fulfillment.  Buy and start it today and watch your life transform effortlessly.

Stay in touch with me through Facebook Page, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram

Esther is certified as:  an Iridologist, Herbal Counselor, Network Administrator and IBM Lotus Domino Engineer, Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching Certified Professional Coach, A Commissioned Stephen Minister. Esther has a M.S. degree in Management of Information Systems from the University of Akron, Akron Ohio, a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia. She is also a spiritual teacher and student.

-Live with Joy, Live with Love, Live with Gratitude!



I, Patience (mostly called Grandma) believe in Esther and her Coaching. You just need to LISTEN to her talk!!! She has a WEALTH of Wisdom, I would say in almost all fields (the Arts, Science, Nature, Balance, etc.). Just listen to her talk to you about, say” Forgiveness”, you will almost immediately act and have the greatest peace of mind. She is Wonderful and I pray many people can contact her and gain from her Wealth of Knowledge.

Patience Ndi (Grandma)


Hi, Esther.

Your program and books have been very helpful.   They’ve improved my quality of life. I am enjoying life more; I actually have more control over my feelings and moods.  My mood has improved.

Pat Kenjo


I read the book Love under the Kolanut Tree about 1 year ago.  At the time I was researching kolanuts and saw the book title on a Google search.  The title captivated me because I wondered how does love happen under a kolanut tree (metaphorically speaking of course).  So with my curiosity, I just had to have a copy of the book.  It was such a compelling and profound read, I had to tell all those I knew who studied African spirituality, having relationship issues, and just wanted to read a good book.  I am still talking up the title and even a classmate across the waters in Singapore has purchased a copy.  The teaching in the book helped me change my thinking to being more hopeful, helped me flow in all of my relationships, and just gave me a general sense of well-being knowing that so many things in life are connected.  Reading the book and applying the tools, helped me create some great relationships and enhance the relationships I already had. I wish future readers success in their future endeavors, and know their lives will forever be changed by using the tools you so eloquently put before us.”

~Yvette T



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