Journey through life with passion, joy and purpose.

Reclaim your life, create your dreams, make an impact.

Reclaim Your Life – Physical, Spiritual and Emotional

Do you have a burning desire to succeed?
You see the vision on your vision board, yet you keep going round and round in cycles despite your desire to succeed?


Understanding the foundation of challenges and why you have not been able to achieve consistent and repeatable results.

With that understanding laying a new foundation that will give you consistent lift off and you will always know how to course correct if new life situations derail you.

Create more fulfilling relationships and networks. Be the best version of yourself.

Discover balance is more like a sine curve and you will be able to tap into all phases of it and create abundance in all areas of your life. The valleys and the mountain tops all have their gifts.

Discover how to heal and strengthen yourself from inside out enabling you not just to reverse age but to stay healthy, strong, passionate and joyful. Train your body (your true best friend) to heal itself; being in optimal condition at all times.

Your energy levels will increase, leading to greater creativity and productivity.

Be highly productive with the same amount of time everyone has; thus finally getting results for your plans and ideas with more time for self, family and fun.

Be able to know and understand your own code, rhythms and cycles and how to tap into it to create effortless success in your life, business and relationships.

Clarity around your purpose in the world and have the passion to achieve it.

Reclaim your life and gifts; create your dreams; make an impact; have fun doing it! Hence confidence in sharing your gifts and living your purpose.

Having the joy of living; increase in passion; knowing how to activated your own happiness.


Some Typical Challenges You Might be Facing


I have great plans and ideas but can’t implement them to fruition.


I have repeated or cyclical failure in areas of my life.


Why can’t I keep a relationship?


I am not good enough.

I make money, yet can’t seem to figure out how it ‘disappears’ so quickly? 


I have no one to talk to.


No one gets me.


I feel completely alone.


No one sees me.

I have regrets.


I don’t know how to let go.


I have difficulties forgiving.


I have problems falling back asleep.


I experience a ‘near breakthrough syndrome’


I often experience “I almost made it” syndrome


I have taken multiple workshops and classes yet can’t manifest your desires.


I often wonder how with the same number of hours in a day, others with even more responsibilities than me are more productive than me.


I don’t enjoy intimacy anymore.


I am not able to conceive an idea, plan, or process and see it to the end.


I worry about what people think about me.


How can I support my family?

Many people in your family end up with the same issue? 


I do the work and another gets the glory and I can’t figure out why? 


I do get results for my plans and ideas but eventually plateau and no matter how hard I try.


I worry about my future.


I don’t know what to do. I don’t know my passion


I don’t know how to make a choice of what I really need and stick to it.


I am afraid of failure.


I don’t complete what I started.


What about me, now that the kids are gone?

I have plans but don’t know how to make them come true


I keep attracting relationships that fail.


My relationships have the same failure cycle.


I have no passion.


I don’t know my purpose.


I don’t know how to connect with God.


I don’t know how to pray effectively.


I don’t know how to stick to a schedule.


I don’t have a structured life guide


 I lack confidence.




 My Coaching Approach

My coaching approach is not to sign you into a year contract except you choose to for continuous mastermind and brainstorming after working with me.

The individuals I work with have all the tools and “ingredients”, but just can’t make the “soup” of their desire.  They want to succeed; have taken classes, retreats, seminars, workshops, bought programs, prayed., meditated, etc; can call for more information, search Google and more, and yet find something is still missing to get their output. Or they are in the ‘What about me now?” phase of their life.  What I call “the other side of midnight”! Last call… dance, as it’s about to be too late…

Each coaching choice involves a free first session where we gauge if we are the right fit for each other. If we are not you still walk away with tools
to impact the discussed issue.

If we resonate with each other and are a good fit, we proceed to either weekly, biweekly or monthly coaching. In all sessions you receive resources and tools. While coaching calls are Skype/phone calls, sometimes there are individuals especially those in the local area, who request in person coaching, which we discuss and understand how it will occur.

One time Commitment
X Hour Skype Call (after initial gauging call, you decide on the numbers of hours you want focused brainstorming, masterminding, mentoring and coaching)
+ Resources and tools

3 Month Commitment
1 One Hour Skype Call Bi-weekly
+ Resources and tools


After 3 Month Commitment on going support requested
2 One Hour Skype Calls Per Month; could be taken at one session or broken into two hourly calls. 
+ Resources and tools, emails + 50% off Dance, Eat, Learn ReClaim Your Life Mastermind live events

Reclaim Your Life – Physical, Spiritual and Emotional
Tips and Strategies for Wellness, Healing Meals, Weight Maintenance and More

to determine if we are a good fit..

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Reclaim Your Life – Physical, Spiritual and Emotional

New Book From Esther Lamnyam

Strive to be Happy. Powerful tools on how to

Being happy gives you more energy, which is juice, power, and blood in your system leading to you being more creative. Creativity will lead to more emotional, mental, financial, physical success in your life, a longer life, and feeling good among many other benefits.

Strive to be Happy. Powerful tools on how to

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Reclaim Your Life with Esther Yiyi – Podcast1 Episode3

Reclaim Your Life Podcast 1 Episode 3 is here

As I indicated in last podcasts, I’ll share a little about my journey to continue to lay the foundation for the tools to use to reclaim your life so you can delete frustrations, disappointments, challenges, failures, other ills and achieve the desires God has put in your heart!

My journey loaded with ‘frustrations’ was really in hindsight the staging of tools we all can now use to reclaim our lives. In your JOurneY also, is the JOY! Look for those gems! Help others with them.

Today’s podcast reminds me of a little talked about verse in the Bible, almost like a secret; but the giant key and kinetic force behind the story….:

“Now it came about when Pharaoh had let the people go, that God did not lead them by the way of the land of the Philistines, even though it was near; for God said, ‘Lest the people change their minds when they see war, and they return to Egypt,'” (Exodus 13:17).

Do you feel like running away from ‘home’ sometimes…lol? Like changing you mind about……?

Do you shudder when you look at the things you went through? What if you had seen that picture before? eish! You may have stopped…okay, let me talk for myself..ehm, ehm…. I would have stayed in the ‘village’, or better yet in the womb; hack, stayed as a scroll in heaven!

Your journey is a protection, training ground and lots more!

While knowledge might be key, Revelation from God is a must….!

As you listen to this podcast, use the tools to solve a challenging issue you are experiencing. The secret is in doing not complaining about it. Do something about it!

Enjoy and please Like (if you like), comment, Subscribe to my channel and please share! Thank you so!

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