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How The Dog Became A Domestic Animal

An African Folktale

Story telling for entertainment, teaching values and life lessons, is common in Africa. Among the Mbum people (Wimbum), in the North-West Province of Cameroon, a good conversation is often prefaced or interlaced with a good riddle, proverb or folktale. Most of the folktales are about animals. These stories tell of a distinct animal world, where animals live and rule their kingdom with laws and customs.

One animal that is common in the folklore is Takwe, the fox. Takwe is a trickster and enjoys playing pranks on other animals. He is so good at his craft that he usually ends up outsmarting the other animals.

In this delightful tale of How The Dog Became A Domestic Animal, the animal governing board decides to crown a king to rule over them. Buruk, the lion is chosen, and the governing board lays down strict governing laws to all the subjects with serious consequences, if violated.

Find out how Takwe, the fox, tries to outsmart the animal kingdom laws. Will he be able to trick all the animals this time by using the unsuspecting and gullible Ngwei, the dog? Enjoy!


Strive To Be Happy. Powerful Tools On How To

“Strive to be Happy. Powerful tools on how to,” contains powerful secrets on how to energize your life. Get your copy today and buy for others.


In this book, you get secrets never before disclosed and many, many more secret tools and tips! If you want to be success in your life and relationships, and or you deal with other human beings, this book is a must read!

Why is being happy so important?

When we feel down, it affects us, our families, our productivity and many other aspects of our lives. People have lost great opportunities because they did not have the energy happiness produces to follow up on projects.

Being happy leads to huge growths in your health, fun, business growth, and successful relationships.

Being happy gives you more energy, which is juice, power, and blood in your system leading to you being more creative. Creativity will lead to more emotional, mental, financial, physical success in your life, a longer life, and feeling good among many other benefits. You will bounce back quickly from issues. Live a dream life simply from increasing your happiness!

In this book, I offer unique secret tools not commonly used. Have you ever heard a song and just on the very first note you went “ahhhhh”, or the voice of someone just made you feel at ease, relaxed and at peace and you knew your worries will be taken care of?

Here we see the power of vowels and vowel sounds, sound, overtones, vibration and wireless communication. In this little book, I will give you more secrets tools to use to create that feeling by yourself, at any given moment. You will be able to “tune” yourself to happiness, on the fly!

Being in a state of complete productivity can only be generated when we are happy within and zoned out. Nine hours of work, seems like 2 hours of pleasure or bliss!

These tools will enable you to be happy in the now; this will give you the juice to do what you need to do now to propel you forward helping your pull your vision into reality!

You need these secrets for yourself, your family, your organization, your corporation, your sports team and the global community. The energy your happiness will release will affect your productivity, sportsmanship, artistry and the joy you inflict on others.

They too will propagate this joy and happiness to the rest to the world. We are all connected; and this interconnectedness running this line of happy current will flow through to others leading to joy and strength…..and back to you! Yippee!

Some of these one-of-a-kind powerful, and productive secret tools are:
• Be Like the Goat – swallow, then chew on it later
• Sleep with lights out
• Never satisfied? Learn to be content in whatever situation
• Understand energy, sex and intimacy
• Dance
• The “Non-Vision” VISION Board
• To testimonial or not to testimonial? Know the medium to make testimonials.
• Grieve, sing a dirge, mourn, cry, weep, sob, recite or make up poetry as you cry. Talk.
• Stop saying “I know” (to stop the explanation) when being given instruction as it eliminates learning the basics.
• The pleasure of giving pleasure.
• Create a healing circle with two or more people
• The heart forgets! If not, the raw grief of dead loved ones and broken relationships will kill us!
• Learn to be with you. Know thy self
• Sneeze. Sneeze loud and strong! Yes you heard me right. Do not suffocate your sneezes
• There is always a person in the house through whom energy flows….law of nature
• The only two questions you should ask before you start investing any form of energy into a potential life partner

These unique secret tools for your happiness beat drugs on delivering you continuous contagious doses of happiness. You need the right kind of stamina to succeed…positive stamina produced by being happy. Happiness is good!

Strive To Be Happy. Powerful Tools On How To

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Cheers to your Happiness…our happiness!

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About Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships

Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships is a self-growth book brought to life through drama, culture, religion, spirituality, mysticism and adventure!

Love Under the Kola Nut Tree image


Setup in Bethesda Maryland, U.S.A. It is after a car accident that James Walker discovers he is not the biological father of his five-year-old son Micah! Oh, Oh! The doctor on duty is interested in this case as he notices Micah’s baby sitter is an elder African queen on vacation and he can learn secrets to power and healing from her. (Is she really on vacation? Or is she on a mission to retrieve the mystical stone the doctor’s missionary father stole from her village?) Can this marriage be restored? How?

When Western marital restoration tools fail, the queen steps in to teach the Walkers and their group of friends who hang out together on Friday nights, natural and ancient laws and secrets about relationships with others.

What really happens when man and woman come together and the implications? She shares more discoveries and tools. They eventually practice and that journey leads them back to self, with many hilarious and breathe taking revelations! In the process awakening, restoration and self-discovery happens! Get your copy today and buy for others.

How the book flows


I use the fable and story telling technique used in the African village to show laws of nature are constantly at play and affecting us whether we are aware of them or not.

I show how problems can be handled from a spiritual point of view by using the laws of nature, which do not change or fail us. The laws of nature are immutable and are available to all creatures and races. These laws do not play favorites nor can they be manipulated.

My book gives the reader simple but powerful tools and concepts to build fulfilling relationships and life success strategies. It gives very easy practical applications that the reader can implement immediately that very day in their lives (e.g. circles, quadrants, developing spiritual sight, triangles, and colors.).

This book draws the reader into the story and he or she recognizes himself or herself as they might have experienced (or are experiencing) some of the issues experienced by the characters.

My book using a fable-like parable story telling technique makes it easier for people to remember solutions. Stories and proverbs stay in the mind longer. Proverbs in a few words tell volumes and can have multiple meanings all of which enrich the person.

People and children especially, remember lessons taught through stories for a life time (for example, the fable in the book of the girl and the snake.)

The majority of humanity believes in God; the majority of humanity falls in love and experience amorous relationships and the resulting dramas. Most books focus on one – religion, spirituality, mysticism or the other – drama, adventure, and amorous relationships. Humans worship reverently and also love passionately; this book is an amalgamation of what humans practice daily.

This book beautifully merges these aspects of humanity and the reader no matter their vocation can enjoy and also benefit from this book. We need to be who we really are; complete Human Beings — physical and spiritual beings. Just as we nourish the physical through food, entertainment, exercise, etc. we need to be mindful of the spiritual and this books shows us how to.

This book in a very practical way shows we are all connected and are in this together.

The chapter and section headings are very powerful and potent nuggets of information and wisdom. They can be used as a point of departure for a lecture, inspirational or motivational talk or even a book.

I started writing a purely romance novel but was ‘led’ to write this book instead. I was lead spiritually to write this book and times Before writing this book, I travelled to Cameroon, West Africa to ask questions of ‘villagers’, and elders. Though I had canned questions, and got answers, while writing this book, the real answers were in the resulting conversations!

What is a kola nut? Find out in this video where I travelled to villages to make for you:

Book Reviews

Kehbuma Langmia
Love Under the Kola Nut Tree

Dear all,

I have just finished reading “Love under the kolanut tree” by Esther Lamnyam.

I have never, during all my 30 plus years in pursuing academic journey come across a book that has shaken by body parts and broken my body foundation. My entire internal and external body structure needs to be rebuilt as I conclude reading this book. I have spoken, quoted and written about my love for Bernard Fonlon’s ” Genuine Intellectual” that I read thirteen times during and after my undergraduate days at Ngoa-Ekelle.

It helped to shaped my academic journey. Since then I have read other works with some curiosity to study the structure of putting sentences together or seeking the truth that I never totally embraced.

But just pure luck brought me to grab a copy of Lamnyam’s “Love under the kolanut tree” and I am now psychologically and spiritually going back to my mother’s womb to be born anew.

Like the celebrated poet Henry Vaughn said we sometime need to retreat to childhood, I thought I read him and John Donne in CPC Bali just to pass my “A” Levels and go and collect my own portion of “Bourse” at Ngoa- Ekelle.

After reading Lamyam, I have come face-to-face on the cross road between fiction and reality. At this junction, to paraphrase Ola Rotimi’s ” The Gods are not to blame”, I don’t know which road leads to Ede or Oshogbo.

They are all similar with cow dungs on their paths. Lamnyam’s book cascades through the autobiographical and the biographical as they intersect each other at the crossroad.

The spiritual vocal charms of Maya Sophia ( the central xter from Africa) transform the lives of single and married couples in North America who were living in the shadows of ill-conceived and ill-defined relationships.

By immersing myself (through empathy) as I read this book, I came across one of the biggest falsity of human existence.” WE ARE NOT WHO WE THINK WE ARE”. But why? Lamnyam answers this question thorough her portrayal of Josh, Juliette, James, Dr. Morgan and Toni in her novel.

Using wit and humor thorough a rare ingenious selection of word choice, this lady has succeeded to surpass some of the African and western scholars I had spent all my energies reading in Bali College, Ngoa-Ekelle, Europe and North America. She is an academic pearl that has been hiding under the Kola nut tree making love to writing, prayer and speaking engagements.

Lamnyam reminds me of Elechi Amadi in his depiction of the love relationship between Ekweume and Ihiuoma in “The Concubine”. What makes her go a step further is her skill in weaving reality and fiction to the extent of blurring the boundary between them. She has come up with another new genre of fiction writing which I have decide to call “docu-novelogue”.

You don’t know whether you are reading a work of fiction or you are swallowing your own vomit. Your body shakes and your spirits are on high alert just as you start the first sentence.

Never has a work consumed my entire two weeks while on vacation to the extent of making me see my own weakness in the way I operate as a husband, father and friend. Even my wife has noticed the change in me. Screaming, yelling, quarreling, wishing bad omens to others put me in quadrant B during my forty plus years on earth.

I needed to be in quadrant A where positive energies reside. All the years of baptism, confirmation, first holy communion and weekly rituals of Sunday church services, prayers in private and publicly, traditions and customs etc did not bring me to self realization. Esther Lamnyam’s “Love Under the Kola Nut Tree” succeeded where others fail.WE ARE NOT WHO WE THINK WE ARE. We are the niets and only the secret stone from Malah village in Africa can turn our lives around.

— Kehbuma Langmia

To All

It has been almost two years that I know Esther Lamnyam. I got to meet her through a girl on a plane going to Maryland. The girl became my friend, and as our conversation carried out we found ourselves talking about “Love Under The Kola Nut Tree”. My friend was reading the book at the time and she asked if I had read the book too. I said “No, why?” She then explained that I had mentioned so many thoughts that had been discussed in the book.
Being the fact that I don’t read much, I was amazed that someone had written thoughts that I had been saying. Obviously thoughts that had been my beliefs about certain topics of life, especially relationships. At this point, my interest grew tremendously into this book and she wrote down the name for me. She then turned the book over and showed me the picture of the author. I didn’t think much because I don’t know too many authors, so I didn’t understand the point. She then mentioned that the author, Esther Lamnyam, was her “Auntie”. I was amazed and didn’t know how to reply. I had never met an author before.
As our conversation carried, she told me that she would introduce me to her through the internet and I could get a copy of her book with her autograph. I was so happy and couldn’t wait to receive the book and brag to my family and friends.
I got the book around December of 2009, right around my birthday. It was the best thing I had ever received. I immediately started reading it and still today, the things said in that book ring in my ears in different situations in life. The topics discussed in the book are so true and so deep that even if you try to deny it, whatever you are reading a story of your own comes to mind and you start to compare. The one that always come to my mind is the girl with all of the animals and which one she takes home. She takes the snake home because it was wounded and then gets bitten by it. I don’t want to reveal the whole story, but once you read the book you will understand me better. When I read that story I thought of someone that was a “snake” and I knowingly took it home.
After having read this book, I have not stopped talking about it and even though it’s been almost two years, and I am momentarily in S. Korea, I still find people to talk about this book to and even look for it at foreign book stores. I hope you take the time to read this book as it will enrich your mind with spirit, soul, wisdom and leave you enlightened and mesmorized for a lifetime.

—Yasemin Ramadanova

Love Under the Kola Nut Tree:  A Book Review

On picking up this book one may be intimidated by a wealth of content and advice; beyond the advice are stories of individuals and the challenges in their lives. Browsing through the first two chapters raises a set of questions with the litany of names beginning with the strange appearance of a Dr Arthur Morgan and Maya Sophia in Malah, a typi¬cal African village. One is quickly struck by cross-cultural themes and yet this is not an American work, nor an African one. For whom could such a book be intended?
As if the opening chapters are just a test case, the story unfolds rapidly in subsequent chapters as the characters take on flesh, assume human faces, weaknesses, and distinct personalities. In the process, Maya Sophia, Dr Arthur Morgan, and Mariyah Lawrence become true larger than life figures. Incidents like Micah’s accident or artifacts such as the ancestral stone or mystical eggs, become means by which the lessons of life are taught.
One of the major themes in the book deals with the dignity of women, who in Malah are typical Amazons, imbued by tradition with tremendous powers and knowledge as typified by Maya Sophia. Yet, while the “woman” as co-creator with God has appreciable clout, unfortunately she scarcely exploits this. If there is a basic lesson it might be that “when the womb of creation cries, the heavens respond”. Women have authority and wisdom which they must exercise; Maya Sophia teaches them to do so.
Maya Sophia in particular is an embodiment of wisdom sagacity and tradition, ably blending the mutually exclusive components of Christianity, Science, Philosophy, Ethics, Ancestral Worship, Metaphysics and Modernity – all of which are carefully crafted and made acceptable. Consequently, a reader well informed in such areas of knowledge will benefit the most from this blending of themes. Maya Sophia passionately believes in the infinite and unfailing power of love and goodness and gives practical lessons in dating, courtship, marriage, love-making, child-bearing and conflict resolution.
Maya Sophia acquires such a compelling personality that the reader instinctive¬ly looks up to her for advice and direction. The author ingeniously creates continuous episodes and suspense spiced with witticisms to sustain attention. Some scenes are so cleverly set that the reader is moved either to near tears, spontaneous laughter, or simply carried off into fantasy. Frequently one has to pinch oneself to realize that this is all fiction.
Together with the “Woman” the author sees the universe as one whole, indivisible and alive, transcended by the Creator who is all pervasive and omniscient. Nature is held as the greatest teacher and instantly punishes those who violate its laws. The prevail¬ing philosophy is holistic, pro-life, eco-friendly and calls for universal harmony with all animate and inanimate creations.
The author uses fiction to present serious lessons. Each character ends up becoming a channel through whom genuine advice is given. All the complicated and intractable problems raised eventually find amicable lasting solutions derived from Maya Sophia’s sagacious lessons in conflict resolution. At some points there is a strong urge for the reader
to take down notes as if it were a text book and not a work of fiction. This book is difficult to classify as it straddles and encompasses the vital lessons of life for all. In short, it is a reference book interwoven with stories.
The reader will decide if this book is for women, for men and women to learn about relationships, or for Americans to understand their roots in Africa. However interpreted, this book has a broad appeal. No one can afford to miss the opportunity to drink out of the fountain of wisdom compressed in this masterpiece.
Anthony Ndi & Thomas Manson,
Camero-Canadian Book Review Team,
Vancouver, British Columbia

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