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One-on-One Coaching or Mastermind Group Coaching

For those who want to integrate their spiritual life into their goals, processes, wellness, relationships, business, daily living to achieve their full potential.

Do you have great plans and ideas but can’t implement them to fruition, consistently?

Have you noted or experienced the syndrome where people date for years and even make babies and live together, then, one-day they get the brilliant idea to finally get married and do and then they divorce soon there after? !! Ever wondered why?

Spiritual and physical laws are at play all the time, key in to them so you don’t experience this painful occurrence. Learn how through my coaching programs.

Research first and program your Global Positioning System (GPS) or map before you enter the “freeway,” else…being lost or disaster might be waiting down the lay! Natural laws cannot be manipulated, loop-holed, plea-bargained in any natural court of law. Discover those that apply to your goal and use them and succeed and teach your children.

Desire is not a strategy! Love is not a strategy! Hope is not a strategy! Beautiful abs (abdominals), or plain beauty is not a strategy. Riches are not a strategy! Yes, it’s a nice to have and comes in very handy, but when the ‘rubber inevitably meets the road,’ you better be ready with a strategy to handle the inevitable hot ‘friction!’ Something about being hu-man that rebels; we are all rebels from the womb! I call it change…that is the only constant! With my coaching, make this inevitable change an adventurous partner and stop fighting nature!

Or do you manifest your plans and ideas but eventually plateau and no matter what you do, you find it hard to break that invisible wall above and around you?

[Consider Joe, even with all the highest level of education he had and connections, he could not move forward until he got coached by me and got the revelation a ‘hidden’ attribute within him acted as a gatekeeper to his success. Now his success is taking him and family all over the world!]

Do you have repeated or cyclical failure in your business, health or relationships and other areas? You know the pattern so well but can’t break it!

[Consider Dustin; all his relationships lasted only three months until he got one of my coaching programs.

-Or Mimi; she lasted only four to six months on her last seven jobs before my program ReClaim Your Life.

-Three months after Flora moved in with each of the last three men she dated, they ended the relationship! She was perplexed as to why until we talked. Now she is happily married just like Dustin.)

Do you experience a ‘near breakthrough syndrome’?

When I was a kid growing up in Cameroon I heard the saying in school “almost can not shoot a bird,” attributed to unsuccessful hunters and hence students who failed their examinations. “I almost made it. I almost passed that exam; I almost got married, I almost got the job, I almost won the war.” Get on my coaching program and make ‘near-breakthrough-syndrome,’ a fable!


Have you said or heard “I almost made it”?  Well by now we know “almost’” cannot win a war, give good health, produce a good relationship, yield profit, capture game, lead the class, capture the enemy, or whatever you have not succeeded in.

[Consider Christina, she was great at getting into a relationship, BUT, ‘almost’ got married many times! Yes, almost married cannot make you a wife or husband. But that all changed when she read my book Love Under The Kola Nut Tree, What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships. She then got some focused coaching with me and smile…was married within a year and a half and has been to many countries traveling and working with her husband!” She even created her own group support using tools from my book!]

Consider Jeanette, for her wedding vows, she used words from by book Love Under The Kola Nut Tree, What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships.

Have you taken multiple workshops and classes, traveled across the country and world for live events like me; you have all the tools and knowledge yet can’t create your product or dream successfully? You have multiple degrees in your back pocket yet cannot get the projects you want while others are zooming past you to success? Discover the strong blockers to your manifestations.

Do you wonder how with the same number of hours in a day, someone you admire is working, has a business, write books, has a magazine, happy husband/wife and kids, travels, cooks, volunteers, etc. (yes he/she exists,) yet you can barely manage church, kids and work successfully? With my coaching, find, understand and tap into the rhythm of nature and your own natural cadence, then develop a schedule and stick to it. Nature loves schedules. God loves writing! (Habakkuk 2:2; Deuteronomy 27:8; Revelations 1:19.) Revelations – Nature has the formulae, why stress? You get tips from all the self-help, romance and drama books, why not from a time proven book- the Bible!

Do you make money, yet can’t seem to figure out how it ‘disappears’ so quickly? Money is a currency, a current, like current electricity; like water/ocean/river/stream current; it flows! Learn how to ground it and your other acquisitions else they fly bye, bye! Money, wealth obeys, it obeys a law…discover and use it, and watch effortless manifestation! Become the “miracle worker” or “magician” in your own life!

Do many people in your family end up with the same issue? Be it a disease, marital situation, divorce, length of life? Coincidence? Find out way and how to break the cycle at least for your children or future generation’s sake.

Do you do the work and another gets the glory and you can’t figure out why? Do other people get spot awards for the work you do? Or you help others and then you are forgotten? Anguish!

Do you prime a partner for another person? You meet someone, date, them, help them get up and coming; then once they are doing great, now dressing elegantly, they go bye, bye! Painful! Then you run into the same situation again!!! See why and how to stop it when you work with me.

The Bible says, “if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3; the next verse does not give you the answer…sob, sob!) Get my coaching; reveal and redeem this situation for good. Let’s fix at the root!

Are you beginning to wonder there might be something wrong with you?

As a spiritual being in a physical body, you have to use your physical to manifest your spiritual awareness and promptings else real joy, manifestation and peace are flimsy. Learn how to know and integrate the two you. Learn to tap into your divine innate self and abilities and manifest effortlessly. Within you are all the tools and resources needed to ‘become’ daily. Be. Becoming is where the rubber hits the road! (Find out more about becoming in my book Love Under The Kola Nut Tree, What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships.)

Get coached to manifest your full potential; don’t do it alone. Even God  sometimes….says …“Let Us…” in His creation process!  The laws of nature are constant, tap into them and create effortlessly. The complexity is in its simplicity!

Success is a conscious choice!

Happiness is a conscious choice!

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