Strive to be Happy Tip – Take a Road Trip!

Herbal product African Panaxia  sold on road trip on the road from Bamenda to Douala, Cameroon. There is something amazing about a road trip and the cleansing it brings.

No matter the difficulties encountered en-route, the elements of nature have a way of stripping the related stress away. In the road trip in this video, a road seller gets on the bus on my trip from Bamenda to Douala in Cameroon and hawks his herb products.  Here, he does a great sales pitch on the product Africa Panaxia a cure all.  His sales pitch is so good the format can be studied!  He sells in English, French and Pidgin as Cameroon is multilingual. The products activates all taste glands…powerful enough to make you pucker up.

Road trips even to the park or country side, or a lunch walk have a way of cleansing the mind and making your dreams and visions clearer. They help you remember your ideas and plans for the day, week, and year. They help you edit in your mind and then on paper those dreams and writings.

Carrying a note book with you all the time is a great idea as you never know when the inspiration and ideas will come and you may need to download on paper.

After a while the hawker gets off the bus and gets into another returning bus. I guess they have a contract  or understanding with the bus transportation company.

Another hawker of another product jumps in …and the sales and tasting continues….!

The trip is more than seven hours long. The bus passengers do not mind; it’s a welcome distraction, besides, they can sleep through the presentations. However, the hawkers are really creative with their sales pitch and also have a great sense on humor;  so people listen.

Take a road trip soon...or come with me on one; or take me on yours…..there is an amazing world out there!

The African Panaxia hawker in the video above wants me to continue taping so he goes into more benefits of his herbal African Panaxia product:. So here is video two:


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