How The Dog Became A Domestic Animal

An African Folktale

About the book

Story telling for entertainment, teaching values and life lessons, is common in Africa. Among the Mbum people (Wimbum), in the North-West Province of Cameroon, a good conversation is often prefaced or interlaced with a good riddle, proverb or folktale. Most of the folktales are about animals. These stories tell of a distinct animal world, where animals live and rule their kingdom with laws and customs.

One animal that is common in the folklore is Takwe, the fox. Takwe is a trickster and enjoys playing pranks on other animals. He is so good at his craft that he usually ends up outsmarting the other animals.

In this delightful tale of How The Dog Became A Domestic Animal, the animal governing board decides to crown a king to rule over them. Buruk, the lion is chosen, and the governing board lays down strict governing laws to all the subjects with serious consequences, if violated.

Find out how Takwe, the fox, tries to outsmart the animal kingdom laws. Will he be able to trick all the animals this time by using the unsuspecting and gullible Ngwei, the dog? Enjoy!