Strive To Be Happy Tip: Do not take others and partners for granted!

Just because someone promised to love you forever does not mean you can slack off. Even God changes His mind. They have the choice to leave the relationship any given day; do not encourage them to harbor such thoughts if you want to be with them. Say please and thank you. Apologize. If they cook for you and do your laundry, boy, blow them kisses and tell them how much you appreciate those gestures. Many broken hearts are born from being ungrateful. Even God says, “Praise Me, call my name, do not murmur, or grumble”! Hehehe! If He needs it, what more can be expected from an earthling with memories of all childhood issues and baggage to fill the trunk of your car? Relationships are a choice. Know all involved have the ability to unchoose you. Nobody is stuck with another. When we abuse and choose to not honor relationships and other humans, they might leave us if they have enough selfconfidence. We, thus, architect our own unhappiness. – Excerpt from Strive to be Happy. Powerful Tools on How to,” by Esther Lamnyam

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About the Author: Esther Lamnyam is a Wellness & Life Success Strategist who shows her clients how to achieve their dreams of wellness, self-growth and fulfilling relationships by using natural laws, spiritual and universal principles.

She is Founder of Imitate Nature Coaching and Consulting International.

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