Choice, A simple Yet Potent strategy for the Success of Your Goals This Year

It’s a new Year! Happy New Year! You didn’t choose the change, but through choice, you can choose the outcome!

Now that we are way off the starting line of this new year, let’s look at some tools to make December a month of celebration!

Do you want to catapult your success this year to greater heights? Add this one thing to all you are currently doing. Read on to find out:

A few months ago, I visited a family I had known the father for years.  The father of the house was one of the young men I had mentored along the way.  Now he was married with children.  That evening, there was joy and noise of discussions; pots and spoons clicked as cooking happened; children playing, talking and singing; TV blasting updates and music and joyous neighbors who had come by chatting over drinks. A typical household!

After the sumptuous dinner, the father cleared his throat quieted everyone and said he wanted to say something.  As a hush came about, I wondered what the important topic was.


During the years I mentored this particular group of young adults in middle, high school and college, I used to send them group emails with strategies for success, encouragements, study habits and simple natural laws that would ensure their success. You see, God put simple processes encoded into nature, and the universe for all mankind. If you tap into them, life becomes easier; no matter the affliction, you or someone will assist you find a way out!

“While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, And cold and heat, And summer and winter, And day and night Shall not cease,” the Bible says.  So, it does not matter who you are or your religious affiliation, if you are sowing (seeding), (could be teaching, giving your time, thoughts, words, sharing your resources, hugs, smiles, babysitting, a ride, a t-shirt to another who needs it, food, finances, anger, pride, love, joy, forgiveness, disobedience, coaching, mentoring, there will always be a harvest time!  It was not specified what to seed or sow; thus, we are constantly unconsciously or consciously sowing in many ways! Then harvest time always comes; that’s the code; that’s the law, earth has already been programmed!

Take a moment to review your present contentment. What did you sow recently or years ago to give you today’s state of affairs?

Do you want a different output when you look back in a few weeks, months, years from now? At this time of the year, just as the Bible verse above stated, it is now a “new year” in human terms, but, in nature terms, it is a “new season”!  It is Winter in the United States and Europe; Dry season in many African countries. Which connotation (new year or new season,) do you think will echo better for seeding/sowing success when you tap into it the right way? Many people set goals but they shortly forget about these goals (come February,) despite their best intentions.  Been there! Why?

There are as many answers to this “why” as there are human beings who have set goals that did not come to fruition as envisioned. However, there are some few things we can all do to get at least fifty percent success for starters. That alone will propel us to push ahead for more success.

I like to look at foundational anchors that run across the board because we all have been given the same earth and nature to use; so, therein, must be building materials and tools for each of us to adapt to create our success. While you are setting goals, making lists, prioritizing, delegating, creating vision boards, add this one principal anchor below if you have not done so already.


Back to my story about the family I was visiting. As this father starting speaking, to my surprise, he thanked me profusely, because he said, a ‘code/key’ I had encouraged them to use in those formative years was the constant ingredient to his continuous success. (Stay with me, this is not about me). Then, he pulled out a long brown enveloped and out of it he pulled some papers. I thought he was going to pull out his certificates for all the degrees, certifications and awards he had attained. Instead, he pulled out an email I had sent to the group I was coaching and mentoring in the 90s!! I had titled it “Choice”!

He attributed that email from me to the key of his continuous success which he recounted some. I wanted to read the email myself, I needed some of that mentoring also! He had printed and kept the email and was now teaching his children and other young adults.

I had often wondered why he and a few others in the group excelled more than others. Here was one of the reasons. He made a choice to succeed! He made a choice study, to stay up  late studying and wake up early, to marry when he did, to move to a different city, to build, to create businesses, to work, to forgive, to give, to take in another’s child and send to school etc. etc. Each conscious choice came with a lot of responsibilities and struggles. But because he made the choice, he stuck to the vision and saw the results. Success begat success and hope and a flow! Nature doing its part as promised by the Almighty!

Some of the actions/reactions of choice are recursive, as they are codes in themselves, bringing back more blessings to him! Cycle of seeding and harvesting.

The earth, the ethereal invisible world, fills up any empty space whether we see it or not. Then, it manifests in the natural! Remember that chemistry experiment to make oxygen or another gas? If you filled the jar completely with water, gas could not go to the bottom; you had to create a little “empty” space, yet it was not empty because as the invisible oxygen entered (seeded) the jar, the water did rise.  Make your love rise, make your finances rise, make your career rise, by giving, sometimes, the “invisible,” which yet produces visible manifestation of results! Be giving. Be sowing. By seeding, Be! Want more from your spouse? Seed. Want more from your parents? Seed. Want more from your goals? Seed. Want more from your body? Seed.

Thus this year and always, a key foundational tool you need to use so those glorious goals you have listed turn into tangible manifestation, is, you must consciously choose to succeed, consciously choose causative entities, like create a schedule and respect it, wake up early to do x,y,z, make the call, turn off your phone, limit social media/tv when your schedule dictates what you should be working on at that hour.

Practical Application: Look around your life again: How much thought did you give to some of the things in your life? Career, friends, spouse, what you ate last night, watched, visited, spoke, etc.? Output =? Did you consciously choose? Make goals, but you have to make a choice to get the envisioned output! Choose you this day to succeed, to be happy, to believe and watch nature, and the universe get excited and do their part for you! Do it!

Making a conscious choice to make any move, resonates with your very essence changing the atmosphere within and around you and thus enlisting spiritual forces already waiting at your service. It is like that invisible handshake in the days of ‘talking’ modems…you had that tell-tale noise of connection aka “hand-shake”! Your choice to really embark on something, gives the invisible angels permission; it’s the agreement “handshake.” Nature and spirit always does it part. Make a conscious choice and activate them! Your choice has to be conscious to register, even with you! It brings you to focus. Have you ever re-read a paragraph multiply times, yet can’t remember what you read, because you were not focused each time? But when you get conscious and choose to focus, you read it only once and retain the information! Choice looks so simple, but this factor alone has brought down marriages, businesses, etc. when not paid attention to. For example, many play at love as ‘friends’, then without switching the ‘energy’ to marital and without conscious choice, they marry and soon there after, start looking for an exit. They thought of it as a ‘natural progression.’ Nature does not care about our terms, it’s laws are constant no matter how ‘civilized’ we become.  Work with the laws and have true rest! Rest of your soul, rest of your body and spirit!

In this video, I am talking about choice in my Cracking the Code program:


Choice is thus a pre-requisite for success. My own pre-requisite for you to get the most out of my blogs and newsletters is to “be like the goat.”  That is, have an open mind, take in what I talk about as it might sound different, even strange!  Then chew /meditate on it later. Just like when you look at a goat, you might see it chewing when there is no visible food around. It is chewing/ meditating on grass it ate earlier in the day. Here is a video to illustrate. I travel to hinterlands to get examples from nature for you:

Be like the goat in this video. Chew on these words.

As apparent on this blog, there is always an intersection of the physical and the spiritual; choose, give, work with the laws, work with the seasons, envision, pray, work with nature. Each of these could be a blog or book in its self. Download this into your mind and meditate on it periodically, then use it and watch your success catapult. Maybe one day soon, you might be sharing this with another, like the young happy father.

If you need assistance catapulting your success or getting out of near-success syndrome or near-breakthrough syndrome to you create your dreams, make an impact and have fun doing it, contact me for coaching options to reclaim your life.

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Here’s to reclaiming your life!

It’s a choice!

Sending you Peace, Rest and Joy!


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