A Time to Cultivate, a Time to Weed, a Time to Harvest

When spring season comes, there is renewal and growth. Depending on where you are physically, spiritually, mentally, business wise, relationship or health wise cultivation is always necessary.

The cycles of nature guide us to become what has already been programmed  in us just as one kernel of corn becomes ears of corn on the cob with hundreds of kernels. Multiplication always happens when we cultivate. God creates addition, yet He prefers lots of multiplication. Just look at nature!  You do your part, He is sure to do His part!

In this video, I join farmers physically cultivating the soil so when the rains come they would be ready to plant. So, in our aspirations, there is always a time to cultivate. If we work out of season, we may not get a yield or a good one and this might also lead to stress, anxiety, lost profits and more.

Read below this excerpt from my book Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships about another level of cultivation.

“To be able to commune with nature and learn from it and use this knowledge daily, you have to cultivate your spirit. This means you have to acknowledge you are a spirit, know your spirit nature, and know yourself. You have to empty out stuff and junk so you can fill yourself with love, light, and wisdom.

When you plant one grain of corn, you always harvest more than one grain. Birds migrate and come back at the end of the season in greater numbers. Thoughts are the same; they are like the grain that we plant and then harvest at the end of the season, but always in multiple fold. That is a law of nature and you can use it beneficially to your relationships or to their detriment. The only way you can live in harmony is to cultivate harmonious thoughts and deeds.

Cultivating harmonious thoughts takes practice but more importantly a choice to cultivate them. Our experiences in life are a consequence of the choices that we make daily, hourly, and every minute.” – Excerpt from Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships – By Esther Lamnyam; grab your copy today on amazon.com.

About the Author: Esther Lamnyam is a Wellness & Life Success Strategist who shows her clients how to achieve their dreams of wellness, self-growth and fulfilling relationships by using natural laws, spiritual and universal principles.

She is Founder of Imitate Nature Coaching and Consulting International.

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