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Esther Yiyi

Using the medium of books, coaching and speaking, Esther shares life success strategies. Lessons taught through stories are easier to relate to, learn and remember, Esther observed.


Being happy gives you more energy,
which is juice, power, and blood in your system leading to you being more creative


Through being an author, speaker, life success strategies coach, and information technology consultant, Esther Yiyi helps people to see the interconnections of their lives, and how to create their desired success, reclaim their lives, create their dreams, make an impact and have fun doing so.


Esther as Speaker

Esther is an Author and International Speaker and Coach. Esther inspires clients to alter, transform, and expand their consciousness enabling them to develop self-knowledge, self- mastery and self realization

Esther as Coach

There are rhythms and cycles to life, events, and nature! When you tap into natural laws and principles, you create and maintain successful relationships, business and health or what you may, without striving and instead, dance with nature!

Esther TV

You too can dance! Actually, you too do dance! You do so both consciously and sub-consciously as in the case of peristalsis and other bodily movements so vital for your being alive.

Praise For Esther

Here is what a few who have experienced Esther’s life strategies coaching and workshops say:

You have been instrumental in bringing me back to awareness of who I really am, absent my ego. My association with you prompted me to return to the practice of meditation and the listening to motivational materials. These renewed practices which was spurred by my association with you has resulted in my being more centered, awake and aware of myself. I now have a revived relationship with family and friends which heretofore I had not experienced. I wish that I had the opportunity to say this to you earlier but since I did not I am glad to now have this opportunity to share this with you.”

— M. Griffin

“My work with Esther has taught me to streamline my thoughts. She helped me to categorize some of the basic things like values, interests, and goals. She also gave me exercises and homework to continue to work on these areas. She gave me some grounding exercises and small things that I can do each day to move towards my vision. I have a notebook, in which I put all of the important things she taught me. I refer to it often as I continue to shape my destiny. Work with Esther if you have unfulfilled dreams. She will help you to find your way.”

— Carey

Esther Lamnyam has a special gift of analyzing symptoms in any part of the body before they become chronic. She was right on the money with my high level of cholesterol and lack of adequate irons in my blood before any symptoms could emerge. She is extremely patient concern and meticulous beyond reproach. She will exceed your expectations with confidence and professionalism. If you are looking for someone with integrity, honesty, extraordinary skills of analyzing healing and preventive care there is only one person who has won my respect and that person is Esther Lamnyam. “

— Prof. Babs

Dance With Esther

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Love Under the Kola Nut Tree

Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships is a self-growth book brought to life through drama, culture, religion, spirituality, mysticism and adventure!

Strive To Be Happy

In this book, you get secrets never before disclosed and many, many more secret tools and tips! If you want to be success in your life and relationships, and or you deal with other human beings, this book is a must read!

How The Dog Became A Domestic Animal

Find out how Takwe, the fox, tries to outsmart the animal kingdom laws. Will he be able to trick all the animals this time by using the unsuspecting and gullible Ngwei, the dog? Enjoy

Discover how to tap into natures blueprint for success to create your dreams,
live your purpose and have fun doing it!